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rechargeable wireless mouse

You can find fashionable rechargeable wireless mouse at a low price. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. You can also browse pink wireless mouse, 2.4ghz wireless mouse. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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rechargeable wireless mouse Customers Reviews

  • Just Awesome

    posted by Mechax8

    Very Light, works fine at a great distance (about 4 meters away from computer), It's Rechargeable (so you don't need to buy batteries all the time), battery last long...Very long. It been 3 months that I have it and I only recharged once (and I use it every single day for about 4 hours)
    since it is a ergonomic Mouse using it became very confortable, It's also very precise (I Haven't used for gaming yet, but for daily use seems to be very good at gaming as well).
    You should Buy it...REALLY
  • No charger needed to recharge

    posted by PA5UL

    No separate charger is needed to recharge the battery as a cable is supplied that can be plugged into a USB port. Rechargeble battery supplied lasts several days of intensive use.The mouse itself is plug and play, good resolution that can be changed instantly by pressing the button.Spring loaded cable winder prevents cable from getting tangled when not in use.
    Battery charger power comes form your laptop power if you don't have a separate USB power device.
    More expensive than many other mice DX sells but you'll never run out of battery power at an awkward moment.
  • Very good for the price

    posted by xcream

    It is really cool that you can recharge it through the USB port!The battery lasts a long time, I am using it for two days straight without recharging it.It looks really cute.It is very comfortable for little hands.The DPI button actually works.
    Turn it off when you are sleeping or traveling so the battery can last longer. Also I usually leave it charging at night when I'm sleeping.
    It looks like magic mouse from Apple, only better because it is rechargeable. And blue.
  • Better than I expected

    posted by amaral

    Mouse has three buttons.Keyboard is comfortable. Well spaced keys.Design is very cool.Build quality is impressive.Works on Android. Just plug and play.Both keyboard and mouse are thin and lightweight. Perfect for taking with you.
    The mouse has three buttons. When you tilt the top of the mouse to the left or right click acts as the default. Not comfortable, but it is efficient. The scroll is capacitive. It works when you slide your finger on top of the mouse. Very interesting. The keyboard is very comfortable and well spaced keys.
    I buy this unit to put on my Archos 101 internet tablet. I am very happy because it works on Android. It's plug and play. Sometimes my tablet freeze, but I think it will be resolved in future updates. I highly recommend it.
  • MediaCenter Keyboard

    posted by LoRDByRon83

    - Excellent price, one of the most cheap and complete KB's on the site;- Very ergonomic, unlike the Rii ones, with the touchpad on the side you can't reach all the keys very well, this one is great on that matter;- Built-in touchpad with keys on both sides;- Full keyboard (F1-F12, Numpad, Multimedia keys);- Dongle stored on the back;- Good blue backlight;- Plastic keys (not rubber like some KB's);- Very light and compact, easy to carry around and store;- Sturdy and well built all-round, despite the touchpad a little loose.
    There's another version on the site, but with a smaller capacity battery. This is the one to get and right off the box, using it for about 8h, of multimedia and browsing use, the battery seems to be on par with the specs on the site.
    I personally bought this one to use on my dedicated mediacenter connected to my TV. Using XBMC it works great, not loosing a single keystroke (when in range) and the touchpad is a great touch, because the interface is well suited to use with a mouse.In Ubuntu, the KB works like it should, browsing online, chatting, etc, just don't start writing essays with it, it's not meant for that.All in all, a great piece of hardware, inexpensive, works great like it should. 8/10 because of the glossy finish.

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