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rechargeable usb led Customers Reviews

  • Better than expected

    posted by santanamusic

    Looks good. Not weak body. Charges up fast, battery lasts long. There's a dimmer so you control the light's intensity.
    The light is bright and controlable. Looks realy nice and becomes you "friend" real quickly.
    I bought this so of course I expected it to work, but it delivers more than that. It looks and feels like a product of good quality, which make it very cost-effective! Happy to buy this.
  • Cute, but unstable

    posted by mpeshev

    Cheap and branded to AndroidBlack and stylish Light is good, not just blinking3 modes - blink, off, lightCould be added to the key chain
    Great idea, but the implementation is really weak.
  • Awesome usb lamp!

    posted by NWind

    - Very unusual and funny thing;- Stands out among other table usb lamps;- Provides decent amount of light;- Light is warm colored and looks great;- Three different paper cups included;- One cup is blank white so you can draw anything you like on it;- Cups are universal, so you can have any of your own or bought installed on the lamp;- Has own on/off button so you don't have to unplug it each time you want to turn the lamp off;- Light weighted but quite hardy plastics.
    No other thoughts.
    Very cool and unusual looking lamp, surprisingly handy too. Will make an excellent and funny present.
  • A great conversation starter!

    posted by Satori42

    Lightweight, but durable. Heating element comes on in 1 second. For people who camp and smoke, it's absolutely ideal to have something both a light and a lighter that can recharge. Smaller than a large Bic lighter. LED button makes for easy signalling in the dark.
    I've had people suggest that the only thing this can't light is a pipe, and that we need a USB pipe like this. The ability to swap out the LED for other colors would be amazing, particularly for signaling and identifying while camping. Don't know if that's possible without breaking it trying to open it up. Touching the cigarette to the element isn't necessary; just near it instead may prolong the life of the element.
    This makes a great conversation starter whenever I go out to smoke. ("Hey, have I shown you my new toy yet?") People are generally fascinated and want to buy one off me for double the price. I can't keep a supply of these on me, they're gone before the next shipment's arrived. A great idea, and an awesome little sideline. A definite must-buy.
  • Oh how many pores I can see

    posted by mcpherat

    * it is all pro
    * great size
    * excellent magnification
    * portable
    * looks great
    * has easy to use usb light option
    * light and easy to clean
    * easy to use
    * great price
    It lets me do my makeup, put my contact lenses in and other important girl stuff very easily. A con could almost be it is too good. Looking forward to taking this on a camping trip as my only mirror, wish me luck!
    Great sized mirror for any beauty or optical need! added benefit of light!

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