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rechargeable trimmer Customers Reviews

  • Great quality for this price!

    posted by skagar

    Very cheap rechargeable shaver / razor with trimmer. This shaver lasts long on one battery charge. I only need to charge it once a month with daily use. Solid waterproof construction.
    I do not have any other thoughts on this waterproof rechargeable shaver / razor with trimmer.
    Highly recommended if you're in the market for a waterproof rechargeable shaver / razor with trimmer. Quality easily compares to 60-70 dollar shavers you can buy in the high street.
  • Good Choice

    posted by tyomikh

    Price is reasonable, it is really waterproof, after 3 months of standby and being used 4 long times(kids are always unsteady) it doesn't need to be charged yet.
    Be carefull when removing variable length clipper. I didn't try the charger yet, but battery life is good considering several months of standby. You can hurt your skin if use it against beard or armpits.I didn't try other similar products but just selected the cheapest waterresistant model and was pleasantly suprised
    Does what is it supposed to do and pretty cheap.
  • The landrover for shaving

    posted by nokowow

    The price and what he must do, shave !!What he does do with noise and some rough.but he does it, an ideal travel mate.these have been several months in use, and shave every day.Clean the shaving heads regularlythat is the effect of this Actually of each scissors benefit.But was nevertheless surprised at the price and quality of this shaverthe quality of the battery is very good, and have had worse shavers used but no problem whit this shaver and charge 12 hours.This shaver is in my view a perfect app for people who have very coarse hair this what should be. shavedl
    it will never be a real br ... n, but comes close.
    I bought a new original that is gentle on my skin type.100 times more expensive.but the price .But how cares.This shaver is in my view a perfect app for people who have very coarse hair this what should be. shaved
  • Great for the Price

    posted by thegreatfixer

    i have been using this same style cutter for more then 10 years with other names on it and have been very happy i like that it only has 1 adjustable blade much better then several pieces
    i wish it would just take AA batteries i still like it and recommend it
    i still like it and recommend it i wish it would just take AA batteries
  • Cheap and Useful

    posted by pkmnnrt

    Very cheap and works very fine! It comes with a complete kit for use, it's very easy to clean and easily charged. It's very light and the noise it does is very low. I really recommend it.
    It's leaves a very small piece of hair on the body, it's almost imperceptible. It's not very easy to get a level 0 shaving and it's battery lasts a long period. I have to recharge it once or twice a month


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