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rechargeable set Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by vandaley

    Great product.
    Works just like the expensive ones you buy at your local store.
    Saves you money and time if you have short hair instead of going to the hair dresser.
    Looks professional for the price, when i got it, it was charged and i didnt need to charge it at all.
    Too bad the product doesnt come with a pouch or a case, you need to keep the box if you want to put it somewhere, other than than no complaints.
    A great product for the price.
    At first i was a bit anxious to try it but it works just like the proffesional one.
  • Nice Trimmer

    posted by paschendale

    Cheap priceMachine looks solid and stable although it's made of plasticComes with a comb, scissor, brush, charging cable, instruction sheet and machine oil. It's a full set.Comes with a default charge level for immediate testing
    Works 40 minutes with full battery which is enough for me but can be problem for some people. Also, a different light for full charge indication would be useful
    Nice product for its price and it can be usable for body hair as well. You cannot use it in a barber shop but it's OK for personal usage
  • Unusual keyboard, but it's an advantage

    posted by petryshko

    Very compact - with bag it's cute and powerfull tool for fast typing with different devicesExtra compatible - connects with everything (phone, pad, PC, notebook) without any troublesbluetooth adapter included!
    beautifull thing, gives 100% "WOW!" Effect on people, who see it first time
    good stuff, but expensive a little.
  • Exceeded my expectations

    posted by mikkelme

    - Reasonable- Powerful- Incredible battery for the price- Adjustable and flexible. Clever mechanic to adjust length quickly. - Waterproof
    My wife gave it a go on our poor dog. The machine worked great for a while, until it struggled too much and got warm and stopped. It worked fine again later after it cooled off.
    Can't go wrong with this one. It's miles ahead of my previous hair trimmer in terms of quality even though it cost twice as much.
  • Very good price

    posted by jdaldea

    - 3000mAh- Very powerfull- I´ll recomend it for all purposes- Load very fast and not lose power fast
    - If you are looking for professional products this is one of them- The shipment came to me about 15 days- You can hardly find another product with such good features for a lower price
    - Replacement or backup battery for camera, toy, remote controller, alarm clock, flashlight, doorbell, etc.- Can be used in multiple ways- Rechargeable Replacement 1.2V 3000mAh AA NiMH

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