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rechargeable portable emergency

It's very convenient for you to find the rechargeable portable emergency you want at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

rechargeable portable emergency Customers Reviews

  • nice sun power

    posted by dyakov

    It came nice packed, really nice, it was in his original box, also in bubble package! the case was a little broken in the end but this is Ok, the main thing is that the solar charger was not damage! Its working nice, i charged my phone twice with the sun power and i can tell you its great-not because that you are charging it for free, its nice to watch how the sun is doing its thing
    Nice there is nothing else to say, just nice! For a little price you can charge your phone with the sun :)
    Cheap energy - this is your solution :)
  • Very Good Product

    posted by dragon-black

    -I buyed for cold hands.-Battery is enough for one day.-I used a bit for charge phone ,it's works.-Charge time is quick.-Satisfactory and useful
    -If you have Raynaud's syndrome ,this product helps you because I have Raynaud's syndrome so my hands very cold in cold weather and I must to keep warm my hands -Battery capacity 4400 mah but I did'nt test I hope so it is-You can buy for charge phone , because If this product has 4400 mah ,you can charge to phone completely twice or thrice
    -I be pleased for buy
  • Strong, well built and nice battery.

    posted by tedao00

    Not just an emergency battery, but a strong power supply for homemade projects that need 12V tension. It's really well built, comes in a nice box and the charger works perfectly. For the price you won't find such a nice battery. Also very light, unbelievable.
    If you need it for a personal or professional project, it will fit perfectly.
    The light weight of it is also a really nice quality.
  • good product

    posted by janbot99

    - good enclosure
    - cheap
    - complete: A charger and one extra cable to connect it to your device.
    - shipping from DX to the Netherlands in 20 days.
    The plug of the charger for power is made for 120VAC connections. But the main power supply wil work up to 240 volts, but then you need a plug adapter.
    It is a very small package for 120W/h capacity. I'm going to measure if that spec is correct.
  • A pack with a lot of power

    posted by rwpkzl

    After using the Portable 6800mAh Emergency Rechargeable Battery Pack (EU Plug) this week, in combination with a Lilliput preview monitor on my DSLR rig, the first results are promising, 4 hours of battery life with the lcd continously on. Perfect result
    It has no way to attach it to sometning (like a dlsr cage) maybe an idea for the future, also when fully charged the operating light could switch to green in my opnion
    The Portable 6800mAh Emergency Rechargeable Battery Pack (EU Plug) is a perfect little small battery pack especially when used for video/camera purposes. Its not too heavy,not too big and has a good battery life, would recommend this product

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