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rechargeable lithium polymer battery

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rechargeable lithium polymer battery Customers Reviews

  • Not easy, (due to Apple !)

    posted by Hamradio

    Well fits at the place of the original battery.Better capacity, but I need to make more tests (charge/decharge cycles)A right angle ribbon is as a spare part....(see below)
    About the right angle ribbon :the better way is to unsold the original ribbon from the dead battery, and sold it to the new battery; that will give you also the Apple connector which make dry contacts on the board.You just need to know how desold 4 points and sold for points.You can recycle the yellow insulaton tape to place on the fresh solder joints before bend the ribbon.
    Be quiet, patient and that works !Other tip : to remove the upper part of the cabinet, I do not use a spugler, but a succion cup ! You will save a lot of money ( I accept donations ;-))))) - Humor ! -
  • Futaba reciever battery

    posted by reddogboy81

    For the price its a decent battery. I've used it a whole season without issue. It definitely lasts longer than the stock rechargeable ni-cd battery did and its way lighter. It is a direct replacement for the battery in a futaba 3pk you just unplug one and plug the other in. The wires are good quality and are overkill for a receiver battery.
    Really not a bad battery for the price. To be honest it would be cheaper to just by two of these and cycle them than it would be to go and buy one made to fit from a hobby store.
    I like it. I would definitely buy it again if I needed another one. And I would suggest it to a friend.
  • So worth it

    posted by robcr949

    Replaced the more or less dead original battery in my iPhone 3GS. As far as I can tell/remember I'm now back at more or less the same capacity as when the phone was new.
    Be sure you know what you're doing before you go about changing battery in the 3GS, you basically have to disassemble the entire phone to get to the battery. Checkout ifixit's guide for step by step instructions.
    Very good replacement for the original battery, If I would have gone to a third party workshop here in sweden I'd have to pay around 60$ for the same thing.
  • Good choice

    posted by ecerrillo

    Nice price. I have been using it for supplying power to an Arduino board and several connected devices. It has worked fine, with a constant current, but I have experienced some issues when charging. This can be due perhaps to my unexperienced use of LiPo batteries.
    I am not using the battery for R/C. Thanks to its low price, this battery can be a good choice if you want to start using LiPo batteries in your projects. Nevertheless, if this is your case I would recommend other options.
    Nice price and an apparent good performance
  • It is ok but not like original

    posted by zotiss89

    The price is very good for the state I live in.I had a battery which fully charged lasted 5 hours,I bought this one and now lasts for two to two and a half days with one charge.
    So maybe not perfect but it is solid built, has the power to restore your iphone for more work with it than drained out old battery. If stuck on 6.15.00 buy this and you will have two days of work,better than 5 hours if your battery is like mine was.

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