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  • Ideal only for a kids night light or emergency

    posted by pss2010

    -Small-Reasonable All Plastic build-Multicolour options-Ideal for a night light or just want somemood lighting thats not very bright for a room-On first turning on it goes into a continous colour cycling mode which gives more shades and a mood effect-could be used a a battery emergency lightingwhen power loss in a storm or disaster-batteries last 5 hours from full charge-Can use with a usb ac wall adapter to chargeit or leave powered on to give it endlesspower supply-can use laptop to charge it
    May not be clear but to turn on firstcharge it fully so the touch is more responsive-turn it on with switch on bottom comeswith some charge in battery but you will and bestto charge for a full day first before use.-to turn on.. press and hold the rimfor 3 seconds. likewise to turn offone turning on it will cycle colours.. to selecta fix colour keep tapping the rim to findthe colour you wantred is darkest and blue is mid bright andwhite the brightest
    Its a little pricey for what it offers I thinkbut its a great gift or for the side of bed incaseneed back up lighting in powerlossgives enough light until you find a torch like.wish I had this the night of the big quake :)
  • Superb battery pack!

    posted by Snaah

    Works perfectly with my light (also bought from DX, but don't have the SKU). Lasts about 4-5 hours on half light, 1.5 h with full. The small battery pack that came with the light was defective, so this was my replacement. Cheap!
    The cons about the casing can easily be fixed, definitely no reason to not get this pack. I will probably make a new casing in a year or so.
    Good battery pack for little money.
  • Fantastic toy

    posted by renjisasi

    A very good quality product for a decent price. It is performing as claimed. The features as really fascinating. Even the minutest details have been provided like anti-theft alarm(really cute) The engine starting sound is really nice. Kids enjoy it really.
    I am really impressed with the technology they have built into this small toy.. It has different modes pre-programmed into it in addition to all the normal running using remote.
    I would advice to buy this as a great toy. More than a toy its technology ;) Go ahead and try it out
  • UFO landing light

    posted by NotTheOnlyOne

    1. Even light output from the dog head cone. Pretty even, and not a lot of striations on the walls or hot spots on the eyes. Even tho it appears to be machined a bit, seems like more of a frosted look.2. Pretty good switch on hand flashlight. Gotta push it down pretty good to get it too lock on, but seems to kick in well when all the way down.3. Just the right size flashlight. Little bigger around than the 3 AAA size cartridge ones, but not as big as a MagLight. Full hand on the body is comfy.4. Packs to just about 6 in square in the box.this is way to bulky to for a bed stand light, but just right for lighting the pathway to the bathroom door when guests are visiting, which is why i purchased it !5. Not so bright, that i can't fall asleep with it on it i forget to turn it off before bed.6. decent color balance, not too blue, but again, not a warm color.7. good battery life. only have to charge it if i fall asleep with it on. Otherwise, lasts a couple months.
    Not bad as nightlight.
    Overall, a good quality night light output area light.Works perfectly for what i purchased it for, but couldn't recommend as a camp type lantern, not enough output. But the base is too big for that anyway.Would purchase again, but would favor the 12 buck price point.
  • wow what a great light

    posted by smurfee999

    super bright nice small size multiple charging both 12 and 120 came with an extra stand not pictured,great burn time. i use it for camping and work
    great light don't hesitate to buy just don't look directly into in at night its that bright
    great light could have maybe been a little larger


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