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  • lithium iron phosphate battery

    posted by darkjacky

    The capacity is 1350mAh. (it actualy is)The maximum discharge rate is good. (~5.5Ah)They are the same size as a normal 18650 battery.If you put them in a serie of 4 you get the same voltage as a car battery. (with a lot greater voltage range 8.8v-14.4v)
    i had ordered 8 and put them into SKU 103855.all seemed fine until i checked the volage of them 1 row of battery's was fine the other had a dead one. 2 battery's were on 4.8volt 1 on 0 and 1 on 3.4. so i discharged the onesat 4.8 to 3.4 and they seemed to be ok. after about 1 week i checked those battery's again and there was another one dead. however the overvolted battery seemed to be as good as the normal one.
    if you are looking for a battery to replace an 18650 battery there should be no problem with these. they have a good capacity and discharge rate.
  • Cheap

    posted by Ranged

    Lifepo wich is safe.
    Come in two pack.
    the cut off charge on mines 3.58/3.59volts
    It fit my romissen L-D030
    Work on camera.
    come in plastic bag
    WORK with CR2 3V charger from here, using the included spacers.
    they were bigger than i expected, 17340 i through they woulnt fit but they do.
    Low mAH but it was expected.
  • It's a battery!

    posted by CombatControl

    Long lasting and so far I have recharged it several times with no loss of life. The spare sat in the drawer for six months and still held a strong charge! Power output was as advertized.
    It is hard to have too many further thoughts as it is a simple battery.
    It is hard to have too many further thoughts as it is a simple battery. It has good value, lasts a long time, does not discharge in storage and power output is as advertized.
  • LiFePO4 Battery (350mAh)

    posted by GrAnd

    This type of battery is needed when you have a device (flashlight, for example) which accept omly primaries. As RCR123 batteries have higher voltage they can damage a device. The LiFePO4 batteries have the similar voltage as primaries and therefore wont damage a device.
    Test results:
    Discharge Rate: 0.50 A
    Starting Voltage: 3.26 V
    Ending Voltage: 2.60 V
    Total Time (hh:mm:ss): 0:37:13
    Tested Capacity: 0.31 Ah
    Graphic - http://talks.guns.ru/forums/icons/forum_pictures/001515/1515170.png
    The actual capacity is a bit less than claimed. But all LiFePO4 batteries has not too much power in comparison with Li-Ion batteries. Even AW brand has actual 350mAh (with 500mAh claimed). So, DX's one is more fair.
    It MUST be charged with a special charger, like sku 1236.
  • Just the right cell for 14500 flashlights!

    posted by UliBaer

    Very convenient to charge, just as simple as NiMH cells. You put them in the charger and in the morning they are ready to go! No worry about babysitting the cells as with "normal" LiION 14500 cells. Don't worry, they will never explode or do other rude things, just be sure, not to short them.
    These cells would be unbeatable, if they would provide a little more capacity. At the moment the cells provide about the same or a little less energy than NiMH cells, but the flashlight is a lot brighter (though shorter run time) using them! If the capacity would be a little higher, they would clearly beat the NiMH cells for total energy contained!
    My favorite 14500 cell type so far!


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