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Every single rechargeable led light displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. led panel light and submersible led lights are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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rechargeable led light Customers Reviews

  • Well made Led

    posted by fabricioangioletti

    This is an incredible purchase!It has an excellent price with excellent components, very good cost-benefit. It's made in a very good material, very durable, and the lights are really good! It light up everything!It's very good for outdoor activities and for reading on your bed, since you don't need to be plugged in the charger all time and the duration of its battery is excellent, since you have two options of lights, half turned on or all.
    Excellent purchase, nice cost - benefit.
    Excellent purchase, nice cost - benefit.
  • Really cute and worthy

    posted by carolbalzary

    It's really cute.
    It can adjust the light so it's not too bright or too dark when you keep your finger pressing the On andd Off switch in the middle.
    It's recharged via USB cable.
    It looks good turned on and turned off.
    It's really light and seems durable also.
    The price is also a great pro.
    The recharge cable could be a little longer.
    The on/off switch could be at the back of the product.
    It's a great purchase, really worthwhile. I really like it!
  • Very useful flashlight

    posted by alvarogmj

    This flashlight is cheap, it has a strong light, and the fact that it doesn't use batteries is a great bonus to me.
    Great tool. You will never need to worry about batteries with it. I don't know how much continuous use a single charge can hold, but I am not dissapointed with how much the battery lasts. The light intensity can be regulated in two positions, and I find the LED lights to be very powerful, way better than a similarily sized, incandescent flashlight.
    Very good tool, you may want to buy a bigger flashlight, but for me the size and quality of this one is just great.
  • amazing Lighter flashlight! never seen!

    posted by makesmebad

    Never saw a lighter alike. I had seen some lighter with flashlight but none like this. This lighter has the distinction of running resistance inside. lights the cigarette without producing heat. reminds me of the lighter cars.
    Creo que a cualquier fumador le gustaria un regalo como este ya que no utiliza gas y se recarga con energia a traves de un cable usb.
    The price and quality are outstanding. Your flashlight is weak but no lighter has the properties it possesses.
  • Great small portable outdoor working light

    posted by najk

    Light weight, easy to carry.Built in handle with neoprene like texture.Solid stand and rubber feats.One mode on light, just on or off, no flashing of high and low beam. Just plain simple ON.Easy to mount on wall instead of stand, or on other metal/wood fixture.
    The power button is protected by a transparent rubber gasket, model big.But the power inlet is unprotected from water and debree.
    Great portable working light. Or camping light as it says. Seems to have a great build quality.

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