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rechargeable laser wireless Customers Reviews

  • A good mini keyboard

    posted by zorglub76

    Good keyboard for typing with thumbs. Background lighting. Fast recharging. Long battery life. Touchpad can scroll.
    It has a laser! :)
    A decent keyboard that I have paired with my android pc-on-stick
  • Great keyboard for media PC!

    posted by pr0x1

    Really great keyboard for use with my media pc.The installation was super easy as windows downloads and installs the drivers automatic(I use win7 64bit).The keyboard feels from good quality and the keys are not rubber or plastic but have more of a suede feeling.It has a backlit great if you use it to watch movies at night and can't see the keys any more.My cat loves the laser :P
    I recommend this to anyone that has a mediapc. It's small and does it's job pretty well.
  • Very useful

    posted by luanvmendes

    The mouse is excellent, very useful, works perfectly, cool design, and it is very easy to use it. And the best part is that it can be recharged with the USB cable.
    My intention was to have a wireless mouse that can be recharged via the USB cable, which had no need to remove the battery to charge, and I found it.
    It is very useful to have a wireless mouse that does not need to remove the batteries to recharge them, and can do this by simply using the USB cable.
  • Great little HTPC / Carputer keyboard

    posted by 5chars

    Pleasantly surprised when I received the keyboard. I had purchased a previous handheld kybd/mouse and never realized it was missing keys (TAB among others), This one has all the keys you would use on a regular sized keyboard (except PAUSE and CAPSLOCK).
    On a full charge it will last about 3 days, then the orange backlight will blink to let you know the battery is low. The included USB cable CAN charge and power the keyboard at the same time if you forget to charge it the night before.
    The power switch can be turned off to conserve battery, and you still can use the laser pointer with the keyboard turned off.
    When you turn on the power switch, it doesn't take more than half a second to re-establiish a connection with the dongle. Also, if you move the kybd/dongle to another computer they remain paired.
    When you enable the backlight, it will light up when you press a key or touch the trackpad.
    You can TAP AND DRAG.
    It's surprisingly easy to type on even with large hands, though I find typing on a Blackberry phone a bit easier as the buttons are closer together.
    It DOES work in PC BIOS, DOS, Windows, OSX, MacMini, MacBook Pro.
    The WINDOWS button will work like the COMMAND button on OSX.
    It's not really a $36 USD keyboard, more like a $24 USD one.
    Getting ready to buy second one
  • Fantastic product for Bluetooth enabled systems

    posted by BomBastik

    - Very good build quality- Quick charging- Very comfortable to type in.- Lit keys are excellent for presentations; - Nice distance range;- The dongle is really small and compact (which can also be a problem, see below)- The USB dongle that comes with the keyboard is a standard Bluetooth dongle, so it can be used for other purposes apart from connection to the keyboard (I used it to sync my Nokia on a PC that didn't have Bluetooth).... So that's easliy worth $3 since a BT USB dongle has that minimum cost.
    - Bought it to use it with my Xbox360 and my Wii, but being able to use it in my PC and my Nokia was definitively a plus.- Did not work with the Xbox OR the Wii because neither implement a bluetooth stack! This was my fault for having wishful thoughts, it's not the product fault.- Did work flawlessly on the PC and the Nokia though :)- Still Riitek DOES advertise that it is work with PS3/Xbox360/Wii which is FALSE. It works with the PS3, only the normal RF USB version works with all three.- Ended up reselling it to someone that was going to use it in a PC, so I could buy the standard RF USB version.
    Just like the title says.... Perfect for bluetooth enabled systems.If you're not sure that your system implements a full bluetooth stack for pairing, then look for a normal RF keyboard instead of this one.

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