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  • Keyboard & Mouse for a smart Samsung TV

    posted by ChrisCronin

    Small and tidy unit, space to store the dongle when not in use. Charging cable included. No problems in setting it up just plugged in the dongle and it was identified up and running in less than a minute.Nice build quality. Also in this set up I'm using a Phillips TV sender(2.4gHz) no interference !!!!Lo
    Looked at a Microsoft K/b but at 80+ euro too expensive, did not even consider a bluetooth unit, net reviews indicate problems getting the units to pair up.
    Good value and easy to set up and use. Will check out how often I have to charge over a week or two.
  • Perfect Simple Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

    posted by dimitrisgno

    It is a perfect Optical Mouse, it is useful, it is easy to use, it has great quality, it is like the description, it works excellent. When the power runs out you simple recharge it with the USB cable for about 5-6 hours and it functions for a long time. It has On/Off button. When you don't move it, it turns off alone without turning the button (so it don't waste the power) and when you move it again it turns on at once. It has blue and red (when charging) led light below. The battery is very good, it is like the cell phones batteries (maybe some cell phones have the same).
    I was looking for something like that, I was searching for a long time for a Mouse that could have a rechargeable battery and it could recharge with a USB cable, exactly like this one. It is Perfect. I am very pleased.
    Perfect Wireless Rechargeable Optical Mouse, it works wireless great simply by recharging the battery after a long time with a micro USB cable.
  • Excelente compra!

    posted by rachesv99

    Un articulo excelente!Buena respuesta al utilizarlo, tanto el touchpad como el teclado.Excelente calidad en la manufactura.Tamaño muy practico tanto para transportarlo, como para utilizarlo.El Receptor USB funciona como cualquier otro tradicional, no tiene funciones capadas.Utilizada en un Macbook, un PC Compaq y una laptop Lenovo, funcionando a la perfeccion en todas.En el mac, las teclas de funcion controlan la reproduccion de iTunes asi como el brillo de la pantalla
    Al conectarlo a un Mac, asegurense de ejecutar el asistente de identificacion del teclado. De no hacerlo, puede ser que el teclado no responda, y ademas, no existe ningun registro del esquema de teclas que usa este.
    Altamente recomendado para quienes quieren controlar equipos a distancia, reproducir peliculas, etc, pero sin querer algo muy estorboso.Lo uso para la parte multimedia de mi equipo cuando estoy en alguna reunion con los amigos, y no solo funciona de maravilla. Roba miradas
  • Very nice and good quality mause

    posted by Arunasar

    Very useful thing, which do not require any wiring. Mouse is connected for the first time there is nothing to install everything at once is great.
    I am 100% satisfied with your purchase. The kit is loading cable, so you do not have to buy anything extra nowhere. It look like iphone Mouse, really easy to use, and I am satisfied with the response time.
    Charging connector would be less visible. but better to think about it while charging does not affect the use of the device.
  • Great little HTPC / Carputer keyboard

    posted by 5chars

    Pleasantly surprised when I received the keyboard. I had purchased a previous handheld kybd/mouse and never realized it was missing keys (TAB among others), This one has all the keys you would use on a regular sized keyboard (except PAUSE and CAPSLOCK).
    On a full charge it will last about 3 days, then the orange backlight will blink to let you know the battery is low. The included USB cable CAN charge and power the keyboard at the same time if you forget to charge it the night before.
    The power switch can be turned off to conserve battery, and you still can use the laser pointer with the keyboard turned off.
    When you turn on the power switch, it doesn't take more than half a second to re-establiish a connection with the dongle. Also, if you move the kybd/dongle to another computer they remain paired.
    When you enable the backlight, it will light up when you press a key or touch the trackpad.
    You can TAP AND DRAG.
    It's surprisingly easy to type on even with large hands, though I find typing on a Blackberry phone a bit easier as the buttons are closer together.
    It DOES work in PC BIOS, DOS, Windows, OSX, MacMini, MacBook Pro.
    The WINDOWS button will work like the COMMAND button on OSX.
    It's not really a $36 USD keyboard, more like a $24 USD one.
    Getting ready to buy second one


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