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rechargeable emergency power battery

If you want to purchase rechargeable emergency power battery, this is your best place to buy it. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. rechargeable emergency battery power pack or rechargeable emergency power battery usb may offer more options for you. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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rechargeable emergency power battery Customers Reviews

  • Used device

    posted by ibuovac

    It looks like it works as advised. Fast charging and almost no heat.
    Why would someone do this!? This is actually my first negative experience with online purchasing.
    I am really disappointed with supplier level of professionalism. I would return this right now but I don't have time for stunt like that because of my trip.
  • Very nice Price for this usefull Product and handy with the diverent output

    posted by BrigittevT

    The Price for this external battery is verry good onley a new battery is expencifer so now i do not have to buy a extra battery and can use it for any other divice
    Maybey a led indicator for in the dark
    Very happy with this battery no more empty phonedont have to buy a extra battery and handy for all other device's such as my Cam 9 volts and power 12 volt to load severall other items
  • It's nice...

    posted by patrickmaxxcc

    It works, of course, comes with a little bit of charge. You can use it to power up a lot of devices, I use mine do feed a video receiver and a LCD monitor.The battery life is fine, since you use it just casually.It's well built, looks solid. It powered my router without any problem, so, it works fine.
    It's smaller and easier than a 11.1v Li-Po battery.
    Don't have reason to not buy it. If you need it to replace a 11.1v lipo battery (which don't last too much as this battery), if you want to make your device portable or whatelse you need it, you really should buy, it's a cool product.
  • Great battery

    posted by jonrallen

    The construction feels solid. The battery works as described. It can recharge my Samsung Galaxy I from dead to full 4-5 times before the battery needs to be recharged.
    The box shows colors other than black - would be nice to be able to get those.
    Get it!
  • Great li-ion battery

    posted by najk

    Powerful battery.Easy to charge with attached charging adapter.Great build quality.Included and mounted power switch, straight onto the battery!Included and mounted red LED that indicates when the battery have been turned on.
    Its not just a rechargeable battery, this is a super rechargeable battery.Dont ask me what the difference are but I'm glad there is.Output: 12 v, the label on the battery is a little but unclear about that, it says 12,6-10,8 VDC. But my battery outputs 11.8 v from the package.
    This T-1298A battery is great, it does more than i expect from a battery.

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