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  • My enelopp betteries!

    posted by rcancino

    Genuine sanyo eneloop batteries, that´s what I´m was looking for,,,,of course with a good price! I will use them for my digital cammera I was tired of every time i was use it , my old batteries was death,,,,,,with this batteries I will have more choices to take nice photos
    they came precharged ready to use
    Batteries for proffesionals, if you are looking for good batteries that support long time, this is your choiceBatteries for proffesionals,, if you are looking for good batteries that support long time, this is your choice
  • best rechargable batteries I found here

    posted by bbubanja

    Real 900 mAh low discharge batteries. I already have AA version of this batteries, and they are perfect. That was the reason why I bought AAA bateries. First test shows that they will be as good as old batteries I have.
    They are three times cheaper than enelope low discharge batteries, but with equal quality. Price is comparable with standard rechargable batteries, but these are much more powerful and usable.
    If you need AAA low discharge batteries, they are the best you can get for the money.
  • True capacity!

    posted by fran82

    + Cheap!
    + It has near the 2500mAh of capacity as advertised!
    + They came precharged
    + Seems to be real LSD technology (hold the charge very well)
    + They appear good looking (labeling)
    + Can feed high currents
    + The cheapest x4 pack of AA LSD NiMh batteries sold here (among the quality ones)
    + Some people who have ordered the 2100mAh version say that these Btone batteries perform equal than Eneloops
    I consider BTone as a reputable manufacturer. In the label it says "Beiteyuan Electric Co, Ltd"
    I conclude saying that these batteries worth the price. 100% recommended!
  • cost half, duration is 70%

    posted by gast1arg

    They are cheap, and have descent price
    They are good for the price, im using them in toys and kitchen accesories, which only have a simple motor, but eat a lot of energy
    Good to buy if you have things that eat a big amount of energy and you use it very often (due the self discharge is higher than sony or eneloop)
  • Proteching Lithium Cell

    posted by iccyy

    This Protection PCB must be meant for AA cells. Total tichness is 1.85mm. With it, an increase of 1.9mm to standard cell should be useable in most devices.
    It bought 10 at bulkrate, used 4 for Touch-lite that use 4 AA celss, not so protected and may be charged with 6V 500mA charger. (MAXIMUM reverse voltage of C-MOS switch is 20V, so maxium charger is 10V DC.) Current should be < 1A.)
    It can also be used for unprotected Li-On cell to make it protected with help with cellophane tape. and use it carefully.
    Charging lithium cell is a headache. With it and any protected cells, it may be directly charge if the charger are current limited to < 1A.
    Most of the current new generation of adpators (us opposed to previous transformer based version) is directly switched, output regulated and currently limited-- that is what we want.
    This type of new DC adpator has input voltage of 100 ~ 240V AC otherwise called Universal input voltage.
    A must have for DIY electronics hobbyists.
    Bulkrate a must!!


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