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The perfect rechargeable charger here to meet all your needs. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.

rechargeable charger Customers Reviews

  • Very good charger and battery

    posted by eganov

    - Quick charging - 2900 mAh battery fully charges in 3 hours. - Led indicator - red during charging and blue when charching complete.- USB output to charge devises directly.- Compact design.- The best choice for this price of charger+2900 mAh battery.- Long work time of my Samsung Galaxy S Plus (I9001) with this battery - more than in two times mote than with old battery.
    Beatifull battery look with different colors 3d holograms :)
    May be used as for Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) and for Samsung Galaxy S Plus (I9001)
  • Zhishunjia Mini Car Charger Powered Rechargeable 6500K 60-Lumen 1-LED Flash

    posted by blondulro

    Very useful little flashlight, for long time I wanted one like this for my car. All battery flashlights end up with discharged battery when needed. After the winter all battery die in glove compartment. This one is ready every time.
    I think every car should have one of this from start.
    For the price you cant go wrong. Buy it and you'll see how good and useful it is.
  • Excellen product.. You will surely love it as I do!!

    posted by mfcores

    I really like this product. It is just what I was waiting for and it arrived at the time I was expecting to! It looks like a real candle but it is not dangerous for children or pets and you can reuse it whenever you want, all the times you want!I definitly recommend it!
    Despite it is not a worldwide knew brand, it's quality is very good. I see it as a reliable product.
    Do not doubt, buy it without any fear!
  • Excellent overall

    posted by hockeymonster

    Takes a real beating and has never failed me. GREAT LIGHT.Love the recharge cord.
    Buying more than one as a backup is recommended because you will never want to be without it after using this light for any amount of time.
    I work as an Elevator Constructor in the most extreme conditions,Darkness,dirt,Dust,Heavy work all day long. This light has taken a real beating and has never failed me in the 4 months I have used it on a daily basis. It is brighter than any other helmet light I have ever used or seen.I get comments on the brightness by other trades. I could not get through a day at work without it.I am buying 2 more to have as a backup just in case.The fact that it has a recharge cord makes it very convenient.I bought the upgraded batteries and they last the entire day. While wiring a controller the battery lasted 4 hours straight before I noticed any reduction in intensity.Even after that it get me through the end of the day.I read that people don't get the red LEDs on the back, well when you are working in an elevator shaft in the dark and there are other trades looking over the barricade it lets them know you are in there.I highly recommend this light for the professional tradesperson.
  • Best for Lithum

    posted by bear123

    - Best charger I own for lithium 18650's and 26650's - safer than most chargers- fills up my 18650's better than my other lithium chargers- works with many battery sizes
    - This is one of the best lithium chargers. Using 4 3100mah cells it takes 12 hours to fully charge them but it is worth it for topped up cells that are charged perfectly.
    This charger is great. It is cheap enough so I bought 2 of them since charging takes a while but it gives me the safest charging. It also does a self check when you plug it in so your sure its good to go! I am willing to wait for well charged batteries that have not be over charged and lightly damaged each time! My cells will be in great condition years to come I hope!

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