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These cool rechargeable cars are high quality and at affordable prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

rechargeable cars Customers Reviews

  • It just simply works.

    posted by jofiba

    Easy to use. It just works. Just turn it on and pair it with you mobile phone/ipod/pc.Rechargeable microUSB battery. MicroUSB cable included.It sounds loud. Good quality of its price.Good grip, it can be fixed to any surface.
    I'm happy with it I would buy it again. For this price is the best thing I could find.I use it to listen to music in the kitchen or in the bathroom, its easier to move than the computer.
    If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker, it would be a good one for a start.
  • Awesome universal inexpencive

    posted by phoenexous

    Its VERY easy to use and easily clips on to the sun-visor or somewhere on the dash.Comes with its own (phone like) battery and adapter to charge it in the car or with a UBS device.Was a good price and better quality than expected.Nice size, doesn't get in the way of driving.Can access music on your phones playlist.
    Makes for a good inexpensive present.Good little upgrade for yourself if you do not have a car with Blue-tooth already.
    If you need a blue-tooth speaker for the car and don't have a lot of money this is for you.
  • Nice car, nice gift, worth the price

    posted by jjchico

    Whole set of functions: fordward, backwards, left and right.
    Car is fast and easy to control.
    Nice packaging that makes an ideal gift.
    The controller can be used as car stand which makes a nice decorative thing when not in use.
    Car finishing and detail is OK an has a nice look.
    Car's battery is recharged from the remote and takes only 1 or 2 minutes to recharge.
    Easy to repack in it's can-like case after use.
    Remote range is about 5 meters, which is enough for the size of the car and indoor use.
    Very fun to drive. You will improve your skills with practice so you will enjoy driving for a long time.
    Driving in a very polished floor can be difficult.
    For greater fun it is good to buy other similar models to make a race. Note the controller frequencies to avoid interference.
  • nice gadget to your car

    posted by filleren

    *gives a bright light.
    *buildt well.
    *red light when carged.
    *nice looking.
    *easy to use.
    *wery handy.
    *you always know where it is, if you keep it in the cigarettplugghole :) .
    mine fell down one etage, not even a scratch. easy to use just twist and it works, no loose parts.
    wery handy to have in car if you ever could need some extra light too search for some thing inside car. most likely not enugh light to go lightning for crabs etc, but maybe good enough for a small walk...
  • Great value gift. Must buy for your car crazy kid!

    posted by kanwarsation

    The car works on walls as advertised. The device to attach to the ipad is a good firm with no problems of loosening on use. The software works well and bug free as well
    Good packaging and presentation make this a premium looking gift, well above the actual sticker price. The manual could have been more helpful, though
    Buy it now, it's way lower than what the wallet-ripping toy stores are retailing this at

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