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rechargeable battery wireless Customers Reviews

  • Say goodbye to cables and AA batteries.

    posted by rpmartins

    Being able to play without the limitation of having the controller restrained by a cable.Also, not being restrained by the limited capacity of AA batteries, gives you a much wider gameplay range.
    Initial fit may require a slight "fidle" to actually get the battery to make contact. But hey, it's an aftermarket piece, not a Microsoft original. And it's only a fraction of the price.
    How can you have lived this far without owning one of these?!?!?Buy it, buy it, buy it, like your life depended on it!
  • Mac look alike

    posted by Budapest

    Keyboard works very well - very precise Ctrl + Fn key correctly placed unlike certain brandsShort travel scissor like action - v.precise and fast and accurate for touch typing Almost indiscernable difference to the apple keyboard with the advantage of functional PC keys
    Unusual that instructions insist that the USB dongle is paired w/o batteries in the either the keyboard or mouse The mouse tracking functions with no light ( tracking is fine though) and tracking is lightning fast (v.high DPI ) The keyboard is a faux metallic paint finish on plastic - not aluminium like the apple - but does not detract from its functionality
    Keyboard is great - cannot fault it Biggest letdown is the form over function mouse design - the L & R clicks are not smooth and very hard to activate THe Scroll is very frustrating to use and frequently poor response to finger touch especially on the backward up sroll ( always an issue with all touch sensors rather than mechanical action switches)Keyboard 5 stars - Mouse only 2-3 stars
  • Save money and you applience

    posted by matssss

    Great value, replacement battery packs would cost me about 6 times more over the counter. This allowed us to get new use out of the baby monitors we were handed down, in the end probably saving us 10-20 times the money.Works great, fitted snuggly where old pack was. I like that specs are printed on the pack, so replacing them if needed in the future, is easy.
    I didn't really need the connectors, I had to solder wires in place for my application, but I think they will be useful for other applications.
    Gives new life to old appliance. Save money.
  • Excellent, but give MORE than stated!

    posted by Ilanshim

    Give HIGHER voltage and mAh than stated! The actual voltage is 9.3V, and it gives around 430 mAh
    It remains to be seen how the would perform on the long run. As for now they perform above specs! I hope that deterioration on long run will be slow.
    Buy them. They cost like an alkaline 9V, and are rechrgeable.
  • good for the price

    posted by sneak78

    -enough capacity (few hours, perhaps 5, I haven't counted but clearly more than other cheap batteries, you won't find it ridiculous)
    -play and charge cable looks genuine
    it isn't 4800mAh, it may be made of two 1,2V false 2400mAh batteries but that doesn't make it 4800, it makes it 2.4V (false) 2400mAh. But hey someone started lying so they had to if they wanted to sell their product, I can understand. Compared to real 2400mAh AAA batteries, it is very light and it lasts very very little but it is sufficient to play a full evening or a full afternoon.
    Mine doesn't appears fully charged in the menu (one bar missing) but it still works well.
    If you plan on playing longer, buy a second battery (the same but without the play and charge cable). Or just plug the cable in.
    For me it has the better quality/price rate out there so I recommand it, if you want a better one, buy an official one or two AAA batteries and a charger (last really really long but you'll have to get them out and put them in a charger, I prefer the play and charge cable).

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