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rechargeable battery ultrafire

The rechargeable battery ultrafire your looking for is one of our top sellers. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. usb rechargeable batteries, gp rechargeable batteries may be more suitable for you. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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rechargeable battery ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • Excellent. Very good price. Great Seller

    posted by jcbartolomeo

    Easy to recharge. Very fast delivery.The batteries are very long. The recharge time is very short. The flashlight works perfectly. I have similar and already have two years of continuous use, without symptoms of wear. They're better than AAA or AA batteries. They last much longer and the light intensity has no comparison.
    Highly recommnendable.Easy to recharge. Very fast delivery.
    I will buy another, soon
  • positive terminal of both batteries are crooked

    posted by RedwingsDK

    They Came charged
    In my opinion the TrustFire Protected 14500 3.7V 900mAh Lithium Batteries (2-Pack Blue) SKU 19626 is a better bargain.
    The build quality seems much better at least the finish is much better!
    I guess in a flashlight the crooked positive terminal is no problem but in my PV mod battery box it is
    I already own some ultrafire 18650 batteries and i'm very happy with them.
    But with these 14500 I am a little disappointed. At the positive terminal of both batteries are completely crooked so they must turn some back and forth to make contact.
    I ordered at the same time 2 blue Trustfire 14500 (SKU 19626) is a much better finish and cost about the same.
  • The item I searched for so long!

    posted by Rusty9

    These accumulators - just Brilliant! I used them instead regular batteries in my TTL Camera (Pentax MZ-50) - exellent! It seems the accumulators are heavy duty. Even not be charged after the travel from DX to me, I shoot dozens of pictures, but the battery indicator in the camera was still "full".Funny price. 2 accu and a charger cost like 1 piece Duracell CR-2.
    Great product!
    All of users CR-2 battery - must have.
  • A good replacement for 2*CR123A

    posted by compasillo

    + Not a bad price
    + It can replace all 2*CR123A configurations, though voltage will be lower
    + It can be used in all the flashlights that take 2*CR123A (I think I've said that before...)
    As a previous reviewer said if you use it in Fenix P3D you will miss the turbo mode (the voltage is too low) but there is a lot of other models without that feature that can be powered by it.
    It is a very good substitute for 2*CR123A, affordable and good quality battery. If you need it just buy it.
  • Nicely packaged, fair capacity

    posted by neyluz

    The battery has a protected circuit.The color of the battery is nice (grey).The wrapper is wrapped tight around the cell, which prevents getting stuck in a flashlight.Supplied with a nice storage case.Same dimensions as normal AA battery's.
    Storage case holds up to four 14500's. Would be nice to sell them in pairs of 4.
    Good product, capacity is good. Nice color, protected battery. Same dimensions as normal AA battery's.


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