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rechargeable battery pack

Every single rechargeable battery pack displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse the products from rechargeable battery pack 18650, or some other related Pages like rechargeable battery power pack. With your support, we can do better.
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rechargeable battery pack Customers Reviews

  • So Good

    posted by LucasTrabadelo

    -It's a very usefull article, with a light beam wich can iluminate a really big room, it works with a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (wich is very lasting), so you do not have to buy batteries. It's very easy to use too, it just have the on/off button.I would buy another and another 8, it helps so much if you are going to film on a dark place
    A Really nice article, totally worths the price
  • yes, its a battery.

    posted by teddybier

    -Fits in my siemens phone. -One lead is black, the other red, usfull to identify the positive and negative terminal. -The pack itself is a light/mint green colour, it makes it easy to find if you drop it in the snow.
    Basicly 2 AAA batteries with heatshrink around it and two leads coming out of it. Usefull if you need it. I used it to replace the dead battery of my Siemens gigaset phone. The battery fits nicely, the connectors needed a bit of persuasion (read brute force) to fit, as they are a fraction wider then the original battery lead.
    Does what it needs to do, no idea if it holds its charge well.
  • Good batteries not protected

    posted by incredibilehulk

    They have good durability and good capacity, around 2000 mah. They have a good discharge current but are not protected.
    The value for money is great and the tricks you play on the fact of auto-discharge. The rest are good batteries, with plastic box attached
    Price / quality excellent
  • good batteries

    posted by hp8050

    As I said in the title I am not an expert of batteries. I use them with my Kodak digital camera. So far I bought 4 of these batteries. They all provide very long battery life in the camera. I didn't try them with other devices, so I can't compare. But with my digital camera I can easily take 400-500 shots (no flash).
    If you need them, get them. They are good don't know if they really have 3000mah powered but who cares at this price..
    cheaper and good lets see how much time they will live.
  • Batteries good quality

    posted by kozokar

    Batteries pretty good quality. Batteries are included with plastic case, it is very convenient to carry. It's an excellent buy. I've been using them on my remotes and they last as long as other batteries that I own from much more prestigious brand. So yeah if you need batteries and want them cheap, buy these you won't regret it. Being used on remotes they've been lasting about 1 to 2 months between charges.
    I have no way to test the power, if they are 1000mAh.Missing information> is or not pre-recharged.
    Come with a plastic case which is useful for storage and protection of batteriesAll in all, excellent battery life for a little money, and with excellent quality and durability of the battery.And the bottom line is that these are one of the best batteries available at this price range and although they're cheaper than the ones toy might find at your local supermarket, they're as good or even better.

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