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rechargeable battery 4

On this page, you can find a wide selection of rechargeable battery 4. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. You can also browse rechargeable lithium batteries, xbox rechargeable battery. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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rechargeable battery 4 Customers Reviews

  • Melhores pilhas AA da Net

    posted by GadjetMoney

    - Excelente potencia- Boa duração- Ideal para comandos de consolas wii, carrinhos telecomandados e todo o tipo de aparelhos com baterias AA.
    Comprei primeiro o pack com carregador e pilhas e vi que valia realmente a pena e encomendei mais este pack de 4 pilhas recarregáveis.Estas pilhas são uma boa alternativa ás pilhas de 1.5v
    Melhores pilhas 1.5 AA disponíveis no mercado
  • Best 18650 cell

    posted by Hoodelis

    Genuine Panasonic 3400mah cell.Plastic box which protects your cells anywhere you go.Fits to all of my flashlights, and these are longest ones what i have.
    I did discharge test with my Skyrc imax b6, result was 2880mah from 4.16v to 3.0v, when discharge rate was 1.0A.
    This Panasonic 3400 cell is best on market at this moment and recommend these to everyone.I suggest don't buy xxx/fire cells, buy these or some other panasonic/sanyo/samsung cells.
  • Good batteries

    posted by jcmaco

    I've had these batteries for more than a month and they are excellent. My charger (MH-C9000) tells me that the capacity is between 845-855 mAh.
    When the batteries arrived, I discharged the batteries (at 100 mA) and they had between 520-550 mAh left. So about 60% of their charge. I have not tested the self-discharge rate, but it seems to be acceptable. This is a true "hybrid" Ni-Mh.
    Excellent hybrid ni-mh that arrive pre-charged.
  • Perfect for your 14500 flashlights!

    posted by McAllan

    Use your 14500 compatible flashlight to their full power potential. You can even use them in single cell Fenix Flashlights (LD10 etc.) although the first two levels give out same amount of light and difference from level 2 to 3 is small when fresh charged. Turbo on the other hand is as bright as the two cell AA version. Of course this is only possible on those using the same head (Like LD10 and LD20)
    I've had other LiFePO4 cells from DX regularly drain as low as almost 0 volts and still have them charge without noticeable degration (I didn't say without - only unnoticeable) in a high quality German Kit LiFePO4 charger. Yes safety wise it is perfectly safe to recharge LiFePO4 even gone that low. You need a good charger however not to ruin capacity totally. Hopefully these will be just as good because without protection circuit I'm sure that is bound to happen at sometime. But again - safety wise no concern.
    If you want to use your 14500 compatible at it's full potential but are worried about safety of normal LiIon then these are perfect!
  • great batteries

    posted by kfkwan

    I have been buying soshine batteries from DX for about three years now and this was just another consignment. As our sone is getting older, he is into more and more gadgets. These and the AAAs are used in everything. We don't bother shopping around for other brands and normally buy three packets at a time to get the cheaper rate. We have probably bought around 60 so shine batteries over time and out of the AAA adn AA, have only had a couple of failures.
    don't hesitate, just buy them

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