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rechargeable battery 3000mah

These cool rechargeable battery 3000mah are high quality and at affordable prices. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. View more by looking at nimh rechargeable batteries, sanyo rechargeable batteries. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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rechargeable battery 3000mah Customers Reviews

  • Excellent rechargeable battery

    posted by lucasassis

    These rechargeable batteries are perfect. There are no other AA battery with such a high mAh. In other words, these batteries last longer than any other one, for every application. You can use it on your camera, remote control, videogame controller, radio, toys, etc. Their price is really low.
    I suggest you to buy also some battery holders, in order to distinguish which battery is charged and which is not. If you place all of them in the same place, you will never be sure if a given battery is full or not.
    I have replaced my old 1000mAh batteries for these ones, and they really last three times longer.
  • Great batteries

    posted by amish

    Really cheap comparing to similar ones in local stores. Works great everywhere where I use them. Although they aren‘t really 3000mAh, so it could cost a little bit less. They‘re performing really good compared to some cheap non-rechargable batteries.
    Works fine in my Olympus camera, mouse and flashlight. Of course can‘t be compared to some well known brand non-rechargable ones, but that‘s the price you pay :)
    Thinking about ordering more of these.
  • Great battery

    posted by Hherrmmann

    This battery indeed proves to have about the double capacity of the standard battery.The battery and the back cover fit immediately into the N97 (no adaptations needed which an earlier reviewer mentioned).Great for travellers, e.g. navigation for a couple of hours.
    Realise that the phone with this extended thickness will not fit anymore in the original car-holder, bicycle-holder and in most belt-holders. It would be nice to have a bicycle-holder for the extended thickness, especially for navigation, but I haven't yet found one.
    Great product
  • Ultrefire 18650 Battery

    posted by aekrusty

    Very good price, very cheap. It is very durable, doesn't request to be charged often. Came with a nice plastic case to store them. Great addiction to your flashlight.
    Check if your flashlight can hold this battery. The Surefire G2 can't holt it.
    It shakes less than 2 16340 batteries. Must have. But get ready to make a deal with some defective 18560.
  • ca. 2500mAh" Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries (Pair)

    posted by PascalDuering

    Very Cheap Price. High Capacity. Still work perfectThey are coming with a plastic caseThe secure electronic (BMS) is included (its in the battery)
    Li-Ion Batteries are pretty awesome they have a huge capacity and you can recharge them. Be sure that you use a Li-Ion Charger!The BMS (Battery management system) is included, thats why the Li-Ion batteries are longer than normal ones. This electricity protect your battery from overloud, high thermal load and short-circuit.
    Will buy those Batteries again.


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