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You will be surprised our best rechargeable batteries soshine with an artful design and an amazing price. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Try browsing rechargeable lithium batteries, xbox rechargeable battery. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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rechargeable batteries soshine Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product

    posted by descartespcb

    I have bought many other rechargeable batteries from Soshine and had no problems. I am currently testing these 1100mAh AAA batteries (AAA rechargeable batteries normally are 900mAh) and had no problems so far. Construction quality is the same of the other batteries made by Soshine, and they come in a simple but nice plastic case.
    I also have the Soshine quick charger (SKU 6152), which I bought some three years ago and it is also very nice.
    If these AAA 1100mAh batteries go down the same path as the other Soshine rechargeable batteriess I have, they will probably last for years.Highly recomendable.
  • Certainly the best option!

    posted by browcwb

    Charges the batteries of 9 volts quickly, has insulation against overload, is a durable product from a trusted brand, the batteries that come with the product are of high quality, accompanies the removable cable, the cable if damage is easily able to find another that you replace on the local market, has led charging indicator and full charge individualized for each of the two batteries, the charging of the batteries is isolated may carry one or two batteries of different brands and amperage, you can remove the battery already charged and insert a new one be loaded without the need to disconnect the charger from the outlet.
    Definitely recommend this product and would buy other products of the same brand!
    Soshine Rocks!
  • great batteries

    posted by kfkwan

    I have been buying soshine batteries from DX for about three years now and this was just another consignment. As our sone is getting older, he is into more and more gadgets. These and the AAAs are used in everything. We don't bother shopping around for other brands and normally buy three packets at a time to get the cheaper rate. We have probably bought around 60 so shine batteries over time and out of the AAA adn AA, have only had a couple of failures.
    don't hesitate, just buy them
  • Quality rechargeable batteries!

    posted by Mfox15

    Soshines are not a well-known brand, but they definitely make a pretty good product. The batteries are well made, and they charge up a good amount. They are really affordable! It's a great battery for anything you might need it for. Cameras, videocameras, game systems and controllers, toys, this battery works for everything!
    Long run time and a affordable price is something you don't see often! You should charge them over a couple of hours, and they'll last you quite a few gaming hours if they're for Wii controllers, as they are for us.
    These are great! They are definitely worth the price, and you can't afford to be without reliable batteries this day and age! Buy them! Definitely worth it!
  • Good Batteries w/ Case

    posted by lleandro

    I was looking for rechargeable batteries for all purpose. Good price, high capacity and comes with a nice case for carrying your batteries
    After 1 month, I don't have a new cycle of charge/discharge, so in my opinion batteries are working OK and they have a very good capacity.
    Think about use case to spare batteries. I recommend this product. Good price solution.

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