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This is our best rechargeable batteries charge, they all share a great design and great prices. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. View more by looking at 18650 rechargeable battery, 5v rechargeable battery. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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rechargeable batteries charge Customers Reviews

  • Works!

    posted by Jule553648

    It does what it is supposed to. It limits the max current and it cuts at 4.2V.
    If you bought non protected batteries, you can protect them. You can also choose from many different current ratings(protected have only 5A)I need them to protect different batteries in very big battery pack.
  • Works ok

    posted by DonWong

    Able to play and recharge over many cycles. Fits my wiimote nicely. Had a nice hole in the battery for the sync button.
    Perhaps I would buy batteries of other mAh to better compare between them. Afterall it's definitely cheaper than buying from shops.
    Overall still a good buy. No regrets. Would buy more if needed.
  • Great travel companion

    posted by AZigmund

    The charger is doing its job:- charging extra battery- charging phone- indicator of charging and battery full- EU plug- the plug is removable for easy package
    It would be nice if the light indicator for charging would switch off after some time.I would suggest strongly that the charger should charge also other devices.
    I would recommend buying the charger if you are traveling and you have problems with time to charge your phone. In the morning you take extra battery with you and in the night you can charge both at the same time.
  • Great!!

    posted by airjosh97

    This item is great! In my country (England in the united kingdom) this would cost me atleast £15 (equivalant to about $25/$30 us dollars. This is an absoloute bargain! Works absoloutely brilliant too! The battery lasts me 20 hours easily (that's the most i've played with it without charging) but it could probably last alot more!
    Go for it buy this item! It's well worth the price! I'm about to order another two now for my other controllers! Thanks Deal Extreme!
  • I like them so much

    posted by Alguien

    They are just what they promise. You can use them as you receive them. After charged they take a long time to discharge. This is the second time y purchase these batteries and I am very happy with them.
    I use them with my camera. Many times it says "low battery" but it can still work for a long time.
    They are a very good purchase. This is the second time I get them. I use them for my camera, the Wii remotes, kids toys. They work fine. I will come back in the future for them. If you are looking for rechargeable batteries try these.

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