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rechargeable batteries 1350mah

On this page, you can find a wide selection of rechargeable batteries 1350mah. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. rechargeable lithium batteries and 5v rechargeable battery are the hottest keywords that customer use. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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rechargeable batteries 1350mah Customers Reviews

  • cheap

    posted by emeumberre

    The batteries seem t obe of a high quality manufacture. That is to say that all the batteries I ahve exhibit the same size, shape and performance to each other. The batteries performed as expected and are a good product for the price.
    I'm not sure this is really a con. Almost all the battery manufacturers list the capacity of their batteries, well above their real levels. This is true of these as well. In comparisons against 600-700 mAH batteries, these come in slightly ahead. I would guess they are 700-900 mHA. Certainly not the 1350 they have as a rating. I also noted that while other batteries gave some warning of the end of life, that these quickly died off. I was using them in a cordless headset (speakers) I use to watch TV at night with (wife sleeping).
    This is a great price for batteries that would be labelled 750 or 800mAh by any responsible manufacturer.
    I just hope they prove durable.
  • Emergency battery pack

    posted by matzdx

    It is a cheap battery that seam to hold the charge long enough. On my first charge it held for about 2,5 days before the Hero went off. As with any new battery the phone needs to be "trained" for it as it is most likely with different capacity than the original one (1350 mAh is what it says but I do not have the equipment to check this)
    I have used several programs on android to compare the old original battery to the new and this is what I found out:
    -the temperature gauge on the battery is stuck at 24,5 C no matter how hot the device is. This means that there is no NTC thermistor in the battery itself and most likely no protection circuit.
    When measured, the resistance is 100kOhm on the battery temperature tab, most likely just a simple resistor.
    I haven't disassembled the battery to verify this but it is unlikely that the manufacturer forgot to insert temperature probe but managed to insert over-voltage chip which is a fraction more expensive than the mentioned NTC.
    This isn't a battery for heavy daily use. Use it as a emergency battery. It does hold the charge well but lack of protection circuit on a smartphone means trouble.
  • very good product

    posted by NGV24

    - They work very well.- Good loading and durability.- Good price and quality.- They last longer than alkaline.
    excellent for LED Bike Safety Strobe Light, toys and camera.Get something cheaper to buy two packs of BTY 1.2V 1350mAh Ready to Use Rechargeable Ni-MH AAA Batteries (Pair).
    i will buy again for my friends and my family.
  • Very good accu, buy this instead ordinary LiPo

    posted by RCair

    I've bought 4 items (2pack) to repair my no-name accu drill - I wanted to substitute old NiCd 12V pack with 2P4S pack of this LiFePo. Work perfectly, real capacity 1200mAh/cell measured by Orbit Pocketlader, 4A output without any noticeable heating. After 1 month of everyday using no capacity losses.
    Must use specific charger, max. voltage 3.65V per cell.
    Great for hobby and home use, just try it - buy this 2pack instead of single one
  • lithium iron phosphate battery

    posted by darkjacky

    The capacity is 1350mAh. (it actualy is)The maximum discharge rate is good. (~5.5Ah)They are the same size as a normal 18650 battery.If you put them in a serie of 4 you get the same voltage as a car battery. (with a lot greater voltage range 8.8v-14.4v)
    i had ordered 8 and put them into SKU 103855.all seemed fine until i checked the volage of them 1 row of battery's was fine the other had a dead one. 2 battery's were on 4.8volt 1 on 0 and 1 on 3.4. so i discharged the onesat 4.8 to 3.4 and they seemed to be ok. after about 1 week i checked those battery's again and there was another one dead. however the overvolted battery seemed to be as good as the normal one.
    if you are looking for a battery to replace an 18650 battery there should be no problem with these. they have a good capacity and discharge rate.


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