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rechargeable aa pack

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase rechargeable aa pack here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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rechargeable aa pack Customers Reviews

  • Excellent and lasting batteries

    posted by andbad

    The length is great, I got a second set for my flash (Canon 430 EX II), but in fact I never needed it.
    I do not know if the capacity is indicated, probably not, but it is much more than other batteries and overall quality is more than excellent.
    Green is also a nice color. :-)
    Excellent AA batteries, and provide several flash recharge time is minimal. Even better than the plastic container, always useful.
  • 3.6V accu pack

    posted by Marcoboot

    Small, easy and for a good price. No other useless stuff.I have used 3 packs (taped together) for a ignition system (for my solid fuel rocket engines). It workt great!
    I have on other thoughts. It was one of the cheapes with 3.7 volt. And with 800mAh i can work great, if not i buy extra.
    if you are looking for this, it's a really must have!! It is a reay small pack, made quite solid.
  • Bateria Recarregável 3.6V 700mAh

    posted by Xuzinho

    There is not much that can be said about pro and cons on this rechargeable battery.It's tough.Universal adapters to fit any deviceWires secure.Supports 700mAh what does last a long time of use without need to place the device to reload again.
    As usual when I buy new rechargeable batteries for most devices I have, I installed the battery the first time in my machine and the same loading mative continuously for 12 hours or more.After that, I removed the device from the charger and kept in use or off the base until completely unload.Then put it to recharge again for 12 hours or more and you're done.This lasted about 5 days without recharging, on days with much use.
    Great battery!It worked fine on my Motorola wireless phone.
  • Just the best AA NiMH at Dx

    posted by fabecker

    One of the best rechargeable AA NiMH batteries available in DX. Have being used direct and after six months, they last the same time use. I always do full discharge before recharging. Is not the cheap as other brands but still worth every penny paid. In my next purchase, buy these again.
    Do not think twice. Buy these ones because they are real the best. I have being using AA rechargeable NiMH for the past 10 years and GP means confience.
    Thank Dx for the quality.
  • good battery

    posted by Virus59

    Bought these batteries 1 year ago, still use to work fine. Long hold a charge.It took more, bought and have no regrets.
    Long hold a charge. I would like to see the same type of battery, but larger capacity.Came to the point of discharge or lay long in stock, or because of the cold during transport. But the charge without any problems to full capacity.
    Quality batteries. Correspond to the stated capacity. Long did not lose energy when not in use.

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