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Welcome to our rechargeable 4 pack aa online shop. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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rechargeable 4 pack aa Customers Reviews

  • Great cheap LSD batteries

    posted by blacklung000

    Low self discharge.The reported capacity seems legitimate.Will hold charge for over a year.Prolly better then the (possibly fake) eniloops on DX and just as good as the GP RecycosGret price.
    If you happen to go on holiday to japan you can get legit eniloops for the same price as these.Otherwise get these batteries - they will serve you well. Just make sure you have a decent quality charger so you don't cook them.
    Great batteries, great price, you prolly won't find a similar deal elsewhere.Buy them.
  • Very Good Product. A must have.

    posted by Glanjos

    I´ve tested sku 13454 (2700mAh) but they don´t hold the charge for more then few hours. On the other hand, Sony Cycle Energy technology provides charge for several shots (on a digital camera) and can be left on the camera without discharging.
    I´m amazed for the charge it helds. I´ve tested it as soon as it got from DX and put on my digital camera without previously charging and it turned on perfectly!!!
    Do not buy sku 13454, buy this one: 13453. Forget about the mAh and be happy.
  • Good batteries!

    posted by BlackTrack

    Very good rechargeable batteries. Carefully packed into useful plastic box. I use them in tourust led lamp and RC toys, works great!
    All batteries came to me without any scratch or damage, all of them works great and has long lifetime. Big capacity batteries, very useful for devices with high power consumption. Can replace any common AA batteries in you house. Discharged? Just recharge and use it on!
    I'm fully satisfied with this batteries. Great product with great quality.
  • Excellent batteries

    posted by Hobzik

    The batteries are really +-1000 mAh NiCD chemistry -> can withstand some abuse as slight overcharging or total discharge
    I have been using the Soshine NiCd for more than a year in various applications and they seem to be fresh as new. NiCDs suffer by so called "memory effect" the batteries need to undergo a few full charge/discharge cycles to reach the maximum capacity.
    NiCd batteries are hard to get as some countries limit their use to industrial (non commercial use) only
  • great batteries

    posted by kfkwan

    I have been buying soshine batteries from DX for about three years now and this was just another consignment. As our sone is getting older, he is into more and more gadgets. These and the AAAs are used in everything. We don't bother shopping around for other brands and normally buy three packets at a time to get the cheaper rate. We have probably bought around 60 so shine batteries over time and out of the AAA adn AA, have only had a couple of failures.
    don't hesitate, just buy them

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