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rechargeable 3.7v 14500

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rechargeable 3.7v 14500 Customers Reviews

  • Nicely packaged, fair capacity

    posted by neyluz

    The battery has a protected circuit.The color of the battery is nice (grey).The wrapper is wrapped tight around the cell, which prevents getting stuck in a flashlight.Supplied with a nice storage case.Same dimensions as normal AA battery's.
    Storage case holds up to four 14500's. Would be nice to sell them in pairs of 4.
    Good product, capacity is good. Nice color, protected battery. Same dimensions as normal AA battery's.
  • Great

    posted by SjorsVR

    This is a great quality battery.It has a very good charge lifetime, doesn't drain quickly at all.It fits an AA size battery slot perfectly, so it is very easy to use.
    I bought this to upgrade the workings of a flywheel toy gun, after reading about it online. This item did exactly what I had anticipated.The increased voltage from 1.5V to 3.7-4.2V is definitely noticeable.
    Great quality battery with good charge lifetime.I love them and will be getting more in the future.
  • Very good batteries

    posted by mimoSK

    Very vell build battery, almost no difference in capacity between two pcs received. Recommended to use in flashlights , ... where two or more battery required due same quality of batteries.Tested with Turnigy Accucell 6 Fully charge to 4.20V then discharge to 3.00V1.battery 20.0 gr length. 50.86 mm diam. 13.94Discharge current 1A : Capacity 504 mAhDischarge current 0,5A: Capacity 785 mAh2.battery 20.1 gr length50.98 mm diam. 14.03Discharge current 1A : Capacity 520 mAhDischarge current 0,5A: Not tested Protection circuit not tested, but don't expect problem with this kind of batteries.
    Satisfied with purchase butits possible to buy here 14500 batteries cheaper with same tested capacity although with little differencies between cells.
    If well build, good batteries , same quality between cells are required go for these batteries although price should be lowered a bit.
  • Great batteries!

    posted by AlexandruDragos

    Very good build quality. I like the color red because I can easily differentiate them from my AA NiMh batteries.Excellent for vaping if you have a 14500 mod. I use it in a mini Lambo and it works great! These batteries deliver high current until they are close to completely discharged. Have I mentioned the price? I think these are the best batteries for this price. Couldn't find better and cheaper IMR 14500 batteries.
    Recommended for vaping with a 14500 mod.
    Great price and performance. If you are looking for IMR 14500 batteries, these are the ones!
  • i was stupid for not buying these before.

    posted by Kapiiitan

    - The price: here you can find rechargable NImh batteries for about the same price, but these are much more powerful, they make AA batteries look like a joke!
    The flashlights are brighter than ever with this little devils.
    - I like the design
    - A nice boost to the flashlights, they glow much more than any AA battery i've got in the past.
    A must!
    You won't regret it :)

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