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rechargeable 1.2v pack

You will be surprised our best rechargeable 1.2v pack with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

rechargeable 1.2v pack Customers Reviews

  • Maxuss, good quality

    posted by AXLMAN

    Well, this was the first time that i bought this type of batteryes, i had some others much less powerful, about 800 and 1900, so this 3000 ones are a significant increase of lasting for me
    As i have tested in several dedives, the more exigent one is the Discman, and i hate to say that in this time(i have charged only one time) thae lasting is extremely increased compared with my old ones
    I wansted the 4 pack and only 2 is avasliable
    You have cheaper ones, but good for the prize
  • not that great

    posted by gruez

    -it came pre-charged for me (~800 mA)
    -at full charge it gives a little over 1A for me ( after a few charge cycles )
    -cheaper than non rechargeable brand name batteries
    -it came in preformed plastic packaging, so it was hard to open
    this product has really great value, but don't use it in anything that is really important
  • Powerful small batteries

    posted by skojevac

    Strong and powerful batteries. I use these to power my handheld cobra radios, and those are power hungry battery eaters. Though they might not be up to their rated power they are definitely close, and not like some other brands that cheat about it. One of the reasons I picked these among the range of batteries at DX is that these are one of the heaviest in its class, and one thing I learned about ni-mh rechargeable batteries is that the heaviest they are the more power they have.
    They came packed in a plastic case which is nice if you need to carry a spare pack with you and want to avoid a risk of losing them along the way.
    Seems like Soshine makes some quality batteries.
  • Excellent batteries

    posted by Hobzik

    The batteries are really +-1000 mAh NiCD chemistry -> can withstand some abuse as slight overcharging or total discharge
    I have been using the Soshine NiCd for more than a year in various applications and they seem to be fresh as new. NiCDs suffer by so called "memory effect" the batteries need to undergo a few full charge/discharge cycles to reach the maximum capacity.
    NiCd batteries are hard to get as some countries limit their use to industrial (non commercial use) only
  • Too much usefull

    posted by seninha2009

    Charge is too much durable.Serves on any device.Works at 1.5V devices normally.Ideal to use with mouse and keyboard wireless.Ideal for use in remote control cars, video game controls, clocks, radios, flashlights, etc..
    I was very pleased with the purchase of these AAA batteries.Work perfectly on all my devices.They last a long time.They charge super fast.
    I recommend the purchase.If you never use them, find a place to discard them and not damage the environment.

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