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rechargeable 1.2v aaa

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase rechargeable 1.2v aaa here and you can save money at the same time. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

rechargeable 1.2v aaa Customers Reviews

  • forget the recharger! enjoy your device

    posted by matbh2

    really takes a loooong time to discharge... my home wireless phone takes 2 weeks to discharge. my caller id, since when I bought the first pack of batteries, is working only with the first recharge (+2 mouths ago)
    buy once. give it a try! you will buy another one! the relationship cost - benefit is great.
    its my second pack of 4 batteries! they are better than that famous mark.
  • Good AAA batteries

    posted by LesSoldats

    - Really cheap AAA batteries.- Excellent cost / benefit ratio. - I would recommend them to friends.- Good design.
    Even though the Cons of capacity is a big one the batteries are really cheap and the equipment that uses AAA batteries does not need to much. I'm using the batteries for all my remotes controls and I didn't have any issues.
    Great price for good batteries. Works perfectly for remote controls.
  • Good set of rechargeable AAA

    posted by ReneSantos

    These batteries have good quality like other known brands ones. The charge seems to be the nominal, or pretty close to it, good self decharge rate. In the price range, could not find better batteries.
    I have bought so far 3 sets of these batteries and I use them on several devices like TV remote controllers, multimeters, flashlights, etc... after several months I didn't get a failure.
    If your devices need AAA batteries, buy one or more of these sets, they are pretty decent for general usage.
  • Very good for the price

    posted by JerryBoyle

    Proper size, fit, and quality one would expect at this price point. Have lasted through several charge cycles without failing.
    So far, these have held up well. I have 8 of these, none have failed yet. The quality seems on par with big brands, but the price is much less.
    Not the top quality battery on the market, but very good for the price. I have paid more for batteries that did not last as long as these. I would get more, but they are still working strong, so I don't need to.
  • Excellent batteries

    posted by niccolass

    Excellent AAA batteries (2 pcs), which you can use in any device that support this type of batteries. These batteries are very good quality. I don't know is it really 900 mAh, but the batteries lasts very long. They don't loose power after some time. They keep their capacity.
    Batteries looks very nice, but it is not so important when they are inside the device.
    I recommend these batteries. It is very cheap and good quality.

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