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  • Owning a couple of LEDs but this is a must have

    posted by kopkaaz

    - Can charge almost any mobile
    - Led is powerful
    - Can use LED also on PC USB directly
    - Can be charged by PC USB (takes a while)
    I sold one of my 5 mode (DX) leds to buy this one (I am not so happy with multimode LED's) and I do not regret.
    Last week I was remote (no electricity in the neighborhood) and had to charge my Nokia, it filled the Nokia battery easily and had enough (it said 3/4) of his power left. Later I found out that the battery was half way. Anyway this multipurpose tool is a must have !
  • great for trips

    posted by ChickenSammich

    it's very light and compact. thinner than a deck of cards, about as big around as a standard postcard. battery capacity on a unit of this size isn't extraordinary but was good enough to maintain usage of my cell phone away from a charger. you can either charge it via sunlight or by the included usb cable.
    handy for keeping your small devices running if you got some sunshine around or a laptop or USB adaptor handy
  • WOW!

    posted by KegRaider

    * Less than $7!
    * Works EXACTLY as advertised.
    * Feels pretty darn solid, reminds me of my old "GameMaster" packs for the GBA (taco style).
    * Charges from ANY usb port, which is great, because my MCE box is closer than the WII, so i jam it into that instead ;)
    * Great 90degree power adaptor, means you can play whilst charging the unit.
    * I've lost 3kg with my WII Fit so far :-)
    * Look, for less than the cost of 4xAA rechargable batteries, you get this nifty pack, with a USB charge function! You can charge whilst playing, so I thing this is fantastic!
    * You would have to be crazy NOT to buy this! Well, if you don't have a Wii Fit, then you are excused :-)

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