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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase rear derailleur here and you can save money at the same time. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

rear derailleur Customers Reviews

  • queda muy lindo

    posted by carlosaa67

    queda muy lindo con el estilo todo terreno de mi mtb. esta bien soldado y bien cromado, se ve fuerte. no es el modelo justo para mi vairo xr 8.5 pero es facil adaptarlo. no es muy pesado.
    muy barato y muy fuerte.
    facil de colocar y/o adaptar.
  • Precision product for high performance gear shifting

    posted by puterfixer

    The quality of the product is at the highest levels. The precision of every cut, the low friction of the encapsulated ball bearing, the flawless coating - this little wheel is not only going to change the looks of the bike, but also reduce the energy lost through friction and more accurately position the chain during gear shifts.
    Rear deraillers come with poor pulley wheels, made of solid plastic and with sleeve bearings. They clog up with dirt and the friction is noticeable. Worst of all, their role to guide the chain accurately when shifting gears becomes more and more a hit-and-miss, as the plastic wears off.These replacement wheels bring significant improvements to all issues above, even for high-end deraillers.
    A highly recommended aftermarket upgrade for your bicycle, to improve precision, durability and looks even for race-grade bikes.
  • Is it noname Shimano???

    posted by lenscape

    Good and precise manufactured. Mounted on LX and Deore, and have noticed that if used as a pair at the same time, the gap (clearances) is to tight, and the chain are not lead well. Instead of pair, should be use only one at the time, the other pulley should live original.
    The shifting are more precise and faster.
    If you use as upper pully, shifting will be more precise, and a little bit faster. Also, the chain fits better over the crank, cause clearances is much smaller then a classic pulley
  • Lightweight, durable and very cheap

    posted by jnielive

    They are very cheap, compared to other brands made from the same material, in my country(Denmark)They seem very durable, I've used them for at least 3 months now, and they still look new.The color also seem very durable, it has not been peeling even though I've been biking in some rough terrain, mud and rain.
    I've allready purchased another pair, and have several friends ordering too.
    Buy them, they are very cheap, and as durable as other brands.
  • Its made of metal, of course it great.

    posted by goireland123

    I had some spare cash, stumbled across this thing, never heard of anything like this, it was cheap and so I bought it.It arrived nicely, no worries of it being damaged because its made of metal.Here are some pro points --made of metal, really thick, sturdy metal-you could probably stand on it and it would not bend-sits on your bike nice, looks cool and actually protects the derailleur
    This thing is like your helmet, its there but its not always needed because your not constantly falling over, but when you do fall over, or even get hit, it will be there to protect.
    How many times have I said it? Its made of really thick, strong, sturdy metal!I went and bought this without reading a single review because I know if something Im buying from DX is made of metal, a solid piece of metal, then it will be made well and probably not broken when it arrives in the mail.


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