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  • Very useful!

    posted by HelJub

    It fits both places on my Shimano gear with 5mm shaft and is supplied with an insert for 4-4.5mm shaft. It's light-weight and rolls very nicely. Nice colour, but who looks down there? :-)
    I haven't had these cogs for long, so I don't know how long they last. They roll very easily, but I'm not sure wheather it is roller bearings or not. The old plastic ones wears down fast.
    I'm very positive in the start. Time will show if they are worth it.
  • Pulley for low friction and weight fetishists

    posted by mabiteam

    Really 9 Gramms and a very low friction ceramic bearing and nice too. Works perfect.
    I thought this pulleys would be a must have on a bike of less than 6,5 Kg total weight.
    Again this is one of those products where the Pros are really measurable compared to other products, but produce no significant difference in the whole system bike & biker. It is more the nice to have effect that decides to buy this pulley or to complete the perfection of a top bike.
  • Lightweight, durable and very cheap

    posted by jnielive

    They are very cheap, compared to other brands made from the same material, in my country(Denmark)They seem very durable, I've used them for at least 3 months now, and they still look new.The color also seem very durable, it has not been peeling even though I've been biking in some rough terrain, mud and rain.
    I've allready purchased another pair, and have several friends ordering too.
    Buy them, they are very cheap, and as durable as other brands.
  • Looking Nice

    posted by downhillfreak

    Great looking with nice golden-bronze-like colourGood quality. No free play at the axle so it fits well.Aesthetic upgrade for your bike
    Sell them by two against a better price as you need two for a derailleur.I haven't used it long enough yet to comment on the quality of the bearing. It seems okay, but I am curious to see how it holds under muddy conditions.
    It's a simple product and there isn't that much to say about it. If you like the looks of it...buy it. For that price you can't go wrong.
  • Its made of metal, of course it great.

    posted by goireland123

    I had some spare cash, stumbled across this thing, never heard of anything like this, it was cheap and so I bought it.It arrived nicely, no worries of it being damaged because its made of metal.Here are some pro points --made of metal, really thick, sturdy metal-you could probably stand on it and it would not bend-sits on your bike nice, looks cool and actually protects the derailleur
    This thing is like your helmet, its there but its not always needed because your not constantly falling over, but when you do fall over, or even get hit, it will be there to protect.
    How many times have I said it? Its made of really thick, strong, sturdy metal!I went and bought this without reading a single review because I know if something Im buying from DX is made of metal, a solid piece of metal, then it will be made well and probably not broken when it arrives in the mail.

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