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reading lights 36mm

This is our best reading lights 36mm, they all share a great design and great prices. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. light reading usb or reading lamp light may offer more options for you. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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reading lights 36mm Customers Reviews

  • Works fine

    posted by Mikl1

    Build quality seems fine, cover of the diodes is made of clear plastic. it gives the diodes that extra protection you need when using as a car light. Shines just bright enough for license plate illumination. Not too much, not too little, just right. Color temperature as advertized.
    You must match the polarity when installing. It isn't a fault, but worth mentioning.
    I am actualy buying the same thing again. Certainly a good product. I would recommend it.
  • Very good light spread and good consumption

    posted by LiviuIonut

    Very good light.More, more light than regular bulbs, than 10W regular. Very Low consumption.The light is emitted in all direction.The light became emitted more quickly than regular bulbs and stop emitting instantly.Very Good price.The pcb plate is not heating.
    I use 2 for my plate number in my car. The plate is very good illuminated and the light is much much more bright than regular bulb. The light is so bright that the bulbs illuminate the asphalt behind the car for more than 1 meter also. It helps you to see where to step when you are behind in the night to the trunk. It is very useful.
    I use 2 bulbs in my car for more than 1 year and function perfectly. Very good W10W Leds with lower price. Excellent buy for me.
  • Very bright warm white bulbs

    posted by Loner911

    Good replacement for festoon halogen yellow bulbs. The color is quite close to original bulb, no heat generated when on for long as compared to traditional halogen bulbs.
    For the price, it's extremely value for money. Been using for 2 months and still functioning wrll
    Good replacement for interior bulbs if you like original warm white color
  • Very Good LED bulbs

    posted by AHMED111

    Very Very Cheap PriceVery low power consumption < 1 WGood brightness ( for vanity mirrors)Low head radiationFits perfectly ( license plate,mirror light sockets)Never worry about draining your battery if you forget your lights on
    DX sells error free led bulbs but they are (in my openion counter productive) some people use led lighting as decoration while i use them to save my alternator and battery the error free comes with load resistor to simulate higher current draw compared to incandescent bulbs they will work fine(theoritically) but i wouldn't use them if you own an older car ~ probably before 2000 go with these bulbs for whatever usage they fit in your car they are great and you will not be disappointed
    thanks Dealextreme
  • Amazing LEDs!

    posted by ejlam

    - LEDs use less energy than halogen bulbs- LEDs are significantly brighter than halogen bulbs- Light is pure white without any tacky blue tones
    - Uses new 5630 LEDs which are superior to 5050 LEDs- Added heatsink will hopefully increase lifespan- Better quality than other cheap LEDs- Great for interior dome lights, license plate lights, door courtesy lights
    - Quality LEDs for the price- Very bright pure white output - Exactly what I was looking for

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