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reading lamp light clip

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reading lamp light clip Customers Reviews

  • Buy it

    posted by dessaarantes

    - Reeealy strong light, mainly comparing to sku45624, that I also bought.- The two independent on/off buttons are good, because you can control them separatelly.- The quality of material is good- The flexible neck is strong and stays well in the position you want.
    Good as a secondary studying lamp, if your roof lamp of the bedroom is not enough.
    Overall, if you need a lamp to read at night in your bedroom, or just to have an emergency lamp on the side of your bed to search something without turning on the light, buy it. It really iluminates good.
  • Nice, but not for classic AAA batterries

    posted by mapleIII

    - batteries can be rechargable, so you don't have to "buy battery and then throw"- clip is comfortable for many places as notebook display, ebook reader or table- even the power is done by 3x AAA in a clip, the lamp is quite small, which is fine- 2 LEDs are fine to control the brightness level- batteries can be easily replaced
    Weaker light is probably thanks to lower voltage (about 3.6V), competitive products powered by e.g. 2x lion CR2032 (running on 3V) can have then 6V and the light is then a little bit better. But - this lamp has 2 LEDs and it is fine to control the brightness by switching off one of them - there is no need to light every time on full power.The big trouble is with the battery cover (or the size of the battery place), it cannot handle standard AAA batteries, they are too big for this lamp.
    If the build quality will be better, it could be a very nice lamp. Unfortunately, I didn't find any AAA battery which can be placed into and close the back cover then. With proper batteries I would recommend the lamp.
  • Good lamp for modest money.

    posted by Smaginf

    Good lamp for modest money. The perfect place for a light desktop when working on the computer or when reading books. Power is supplied from the USB connector. The size of the lamp was a little less than I expected, but it is not critical, light it gives enough even with its small size. Comes in a good factory packaging. The small size facilitates easy transportation, you can take with you on a trip.
    Good lamp for modest money. A great product. I recommend to buy. Power is supplied from the USB connector. The small size facilitates easy transportation, you can take with you on a trip.
    A great product. I recommend to buy.
  • Decent knockoff for the price

    posted by fastenuff

    All of the general functionality of the inspired original (an excellent light). Black is a nice color. Hook a light almost anywhere, and for reading this is the best design out there!
    Less than half the price of the original, if you take care of it and don't need the full brightness this will make an excellent reading/utility light.
  • Really nice

    posted by ferrosario

    Realy good, easy to carry from one point to another, and the light is appropriate for reading, using a laptop, etc. Really cheap, I bought one locally and the price was three times bigger. Nice design, it will fix in any desk.
    I liked this item because it is not easy to find it locally, often they often bigger devices that I dont find functional to my needs.
    It's a good buy, I'm planning to buy a few more because several people liked it and they want one.

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