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On this page, you can find a wide selection of reading glasses frames. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. You can also browse alloy reading glasses, reading glasses pc. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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  • Good glasses for the price

    posted by thekanester

    I'd been looking for a good set of geek glasses for reading with; I need magnification between 1.5x & 2x these days 8{ and these fitted the bill perfectly. Being a child of the '80s, the fact they make me look like Michael Douglas in 'Falling Down' was a bonus! They come in a hard case, with a decent-sized cleaning cloth, and appear to be quite well made; The frame is reasonably heavy and the lenses are surprisingly bloomed to reduce reflection when reading. This works quite well.
    I've got a medium sized head and they're not tight, but snug. I could imagine them not fitting if your head was on the larger side. They're perfect for me though and comfy. My other glasses are quite square and have flat lenses. The lenses on these are a little curved at the bottom, which distorts a little and makes it difficult to walk with these on - however, the focal length makes it hard to see distance anyway as these are really for close-up reading anyway, so it's not a problem.
    Good glasses at a decent price. I think they're very stylish and glasses of this style are quite hard to come by at other places, so I'm really happy with my purchase.
  • handy thing that does the job

    posted by vermicelli

    very good to be used occasionally, while on travel.
    all parts fold with considerable effort, thus making the overall construction durable. no idea if they loosen in a time, though...
    comes with handy case (not the one pictured, but hard plastic with plush inners and zipper), which protects the glasses
    curve of earpieces' endings is comfortable enough
    look out if you unfold the construction to the limit, otherwise the look of the man wearing those glasses reminds of the crazy professor
    does the intended job
  • Good Quality Reading Glasses

    posted by PythonNF10

    For the money these are excellent reading glasses. The frames are sturdy and the optics seem excellent. No off-center distortion as I've found in dollar store glasses. I'm ordering three more pairs and leaving them around the house
    Forget about buying expensive prescription, these will do just fine. Even my Ophthalmologist recommended buying drugstore reading glasses when he gave me the prescription!!!
  • Good quality reading glasses

    posted by Tokudai

    Built the best out of all the other DX magnification glasses
    Comfortable, stronger frames
    Larger lens surface area than other offerings
    Decent case will protect them
    The favorite choice of the person I got these for, they fit his face the best and were sturdier and better built than the other types. Larger lens led to better overall performance
    This model line is the best choice on DX for magnification glasses
  • Best magnifying glasses on DX

    posted by Tokudai

    High quality frames appear very strong
    Hard case to protect from scratches or abuse
    Magnification level seems right on
    Comfortable, suitable for larger faces... ok maybe a little fat.. =D
    Purchased for another and these are his favorites out of all the glasses I got him (5 or so different types!) Not the smallest of the bunch but definitely most useful
    The best choice for a set of magnifying glasses if you aren't looking for super compact

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