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rca video Customers Reviews

  • very good

    posted by [email protected]

    The connectors are shielded with hard rubber and are well protected, is a cable for cameras with audio and video in great quality. His connections and connectors are good quality and do not lose your image quality due to the distance of 30 meters, its price is good compared to cables sold in Brazil.
    For the image to be perfect you need a good quality camera and a high resolution monitor, the image does not lose quality due to distance.
    Want to install a camera away and not want to lose the image quality? Buy this product!
  • Crisp, bright image!

    posted by Bluestar45

    This little unit has a very sharp image. There is no edge bleed usually associated with small, inexpensive screens. It also has a wide adjustment range for both brightness and contrast. Further, even at full volume there is very little distortion. Plus its loud enough to hear clearly.
    Also, the screen displays in "overscan" mode, meaning that the entire possible video image is displayed, rather than cutting off the top or bottom as most TV's usually do. :)
    I took off one star more for design than actual poor build quality, but beyond that, the unit is simple and to the point. It does exactly what it is designed to do, and does it well.
    Oh, and the L/R switch even provides the option to flip the video along the vertical axis. This would make it especially useful as a rear view camera monitor.
    Cost-wise, DX has everyone else beat. (Google the model number and you'll see what I mean.)
    At such a great price (and free shipping!) it's perfect for mod projects as well as its intended use.
  • practical y useful

    posted by maro13

    The cable works perfectly, I had doubts about how it works but it was perfect.I practice is that you can minimize the amount of cables to connect to older devices.In my country the price for the same cable is twice as high.
    the good thing about the cable is that you can minimize the amount of cables between your devices new and not so new
    coverage rca cables could be better
  • Great RCA Extension cable!

    posted by Illyusha

    -Cheap price-Great long length
    I used this as a RCA extension cable to along with SKU: 26777 which is a RCA female to female adaptor. Now I can have my stereo where I want and still have lots of cable to length to play with!
    Great for the price! Just by SKU: 26777 with it and you have yourself a good long length stereo (not mono) RCA extension cable for your stereo system.
  • Extension cable for camera, works ok

    posted by aquiestoyyo2

    From my own point of view, the pros are:
    + Depending on where you live it's not available but here it is.
    + If you want to use surveillance cameras, you will probably need one of these.
    * I know, it's a nonsense but... measure the distance you need. I've realized I needed the 10m cable instead of this 20m cable.
    * If you need it and don't find it near your home buy it. It's ok and works properly. It does the work and looks durable.

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