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rca audio converter

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rca audio converter Customers Reviews

  • Works fine

    posted by boruno

    Works fine for me. I have bought it to send audio from my phone music player to my stereo. I did not used the converter yet.
    The cable could be a little bit longer (its thirty centimeters long).
    Works very well for my needs. Now I can listen to music louder and better. Also works for computers and televisions. I will buy more of this converter on the next days, it is very usefull.
  • Surprisingly well made!

    posted by hansenelc

    I bought this for my friend who desired to play his video game through some external speakers as well as his TV. I thought no further than DX. I bought this and it arrived fast! I used the 9mm jack on his speakers and it played just fine!
    No static! I'm amazed! Length was just right for our situation! I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a nice audio/video set up for cheap!
    Great product for audio enthusiasts and for people who want an inexpensive sound system!
  • cheap and does the job

    posted by fabz311

    this cable is very cheap, that's a good point compared to what we can see in the different supermarket in france.It does the job thankfully because it's just a cable.
    well made enough for general useAs long as it fits into the plugs you can't really complainIf the soldering isn't good enough because you like audio high quality, change your amplifier because jack will never do the job
    I recommend that buy
  • Nifty little upscaler

    posted by snoeg

    It's small and very easy to use. Works as expected. The blue power LED is discrete, but visible through the plastic.
    The power connector is a USB type. However, I don't think a PC's USB port can provide enogh power to this device, so the included wall wart is needed and the case will get warm.Also, the image is rather good, but there is some ghosting. That said, I haven't yet seen a converter that has a better image quality than this one. I suppose it's just one of the things you can't avoid completely.
    This scaler is simple to use and has a pretty good picture quality. If your input is 4:3, the image will get stretched to 16:9.
  • Converter for use to make a "line-out" output when there's only s

    posted by idosensei

    Very easy to use. Very useful.Used when you want to connect an amplifier to a radio that has no output. You connect this gadget to the wires going out to the speakers, and you get a plug (RCA) that's just like any other "line out" -- good to go for using to connect an amplifier.
    Easy to install. Strip wires going to speakers, connect wires coming from gadget - one to each speaker wire, re-insulate, and you're good to go!Installing this unit does require some knowledge of electronics.
    Good price.Useful for connecting amplifier to existing sound system that has no "line out".Installation requires some knowledge.


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