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  • Good and sturdy Qaudcopter frame

    posted by korkutk

    - Very durable arms. - Comes with FC card mounting screws and bolts. - TBS style frame, It looks better than classic F450 style frame. - Comes with motor mounting screws(long crews) - Screw alignments are very good. - Very cheap for this quality.
    It would be good if the frame would have PCB. Or kit includes a power distribution board. But you can buy 3 for $4 - $5 from dx, so not a big issue.And I think frame is heavy. But not much...
    Very good and durable frame, also good looking. Definetely a good choice.
  • Regulator

    posted by Linix

    I bought 4 of these to use on a quadcopter, andthey were easy to set up and connect.SmalGirmetiks- Good build quality- User programmable- Throttle range has self-adjusted
    Cant be beat for the price. I recommend for everyone
    Until today I did not disappointed with any product from DealExtreme, it will not be first!
  • Absolutely phenomenal

    posted by Boas1234

    As the title states, this is an absolutely phenomenal quadcopter. So far i have had very few problems. It is very stable while flying and the range is great. The packaging was amazing, better than i have ever seen from china. This was my first quadcopter ever, and i must say, that it is very easy to fly.
    The size of the quadcopter is very impressive. Because of the small size, it can take a great beating. I have lost controll of mine some times, but so far there have not been any big damages.
    This is a great quadcopter, i would reccomend it to everyone.
  • Excellent!

    posted by SkySurfer303

    These blades are definitely from Hubsan. They fit perfectly and look exactly the same as my normal blades and also came in the Hubsan packaging. We all know that blades for the Hubsan X4 wear away very fast, especially when you hit them off the wall and take them on and off all the time because you want to put on the protection cover, the holes get bigger and the blades lose their grip on the motors. I redcommened this product to any Hubsan H107C owner!
    I was nervous buying this item as I have never purchased anything from DX before so I decided to test the company to see if I can trust them with my money by buying this product because it's cheap. It got here pretty quickly considering it was free shipping and it turns out I really can trust DX.com with my money, i'm very pleased with the service I was provided with so I decided to purchase a Hubsan H107D FPV which is so much cheaper than any other place apart from banggood which I don't trust, it seems to cheap to be true so thats why I chose DX.com, it isn't un-realistically cheap but still cheaper than the likes of eBay and Amazon and I highly recommend getting your spares from here, shipping will take a little while but it's worth the wait, its something you can get excited for whilst you're waiting for it!
    Bottom line, I am very pleased with the service I was provided with, especially with the order tracking information I was given so I can see what is happening with my order, the product itself came in a protected package that had bubble wrap surrounding it. I ordered my product in the UK and it got here in about 2-3 weeks after ordering it which is pretty good for free shipping! The product itself is exactly what is described and it works perfectly with my H107C! I WILL be buying from this site again in the near future and once again tell all your friends about this site because I highly recommend it!Thanks DX.com
  • WL-toy V949 Quadcopter

    posted by TurboDre

    I ordered the V949 for the fun and to see if it really flies as good as is claimed. I can say that it flies very good and is very stable. Much better then my Nine-Eagle Kestrel-500 (single-blade) that needs more skill from the pilot. The adjustable rate percentage is great for beginners and for indoorflight . I have only flown indoors due of the cold weather and snow. But I can not wait until I can fly outdoors .The navigation and strobe lights are very nice as specially in the dark.The flight-time is good at about 10 minutes. I ordered also extra batteries with a little bit more capacity ( they only cost 9.70dollar for 3 pair).The V949 has a nice transmitter and you can switch’s Off and On the lights.
    I advice DX to sell also spare/upgrade parts for the V949. I have not crashed it but there is always the change as specially with beginner-pilots.
    Great toy for beginners or kids or a expert how wants to play with a cheap stable mini-quadcopter

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