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rc helicopter battery

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rc helicopter battery Customers Reviews

  • Satisfied with Product

    posted by wildblue31

    I bought this LiPo battery for my Blade 450 RC BNF helicopter that I have owned for a couple of months now. I already had two e-flite brand LiPo batteries when this was delivered, so I can stay out at the field longer now with 3 batteries.
    Unlike ZdenekJi reported, I do not find any significant increase in flight durations with this battery. From a full charge level (~12.4 V) it discharges in flight down to 60% cell voltage (~11.3 V, I think) using the same 6 minutes on my transmitter timer that my e-flite batteries do.
    That said, I am pleased with the price (< half of an e-flite battery) and the build quality. So to summarize:
    - flight durations equal to (but never exceeds) my other batteries
    - looks nice in the air (orange - oooohh)
    - best price I've found yet
    - reliable and fast delivery
    - good build quality
    - all wires are sufficiently long for my Blade 450
    If you decide to order this battery, just make sure you have (or get) connectors appropriate for your helicopter and an adhesive velcro strip. Also, a 30 Watt soldering iron.
    I should mention that I have one more of these LiPos on order from DX - should hopefully reach me sometime next week.
    I would recommend this battery to anyone looking for a good value in a second (or third, or fourth...) LiPo battery for their 450 size RC helicopter. But don't order this battery because you think the flight times will be significantly longer (because for me they were not). Order it because it is a cost-effective, quality LiPo battery.
  • good battery

    posted by Patanjali1976

    + good price+ built quality very good+ arrived appropriately charged with all cells 3.88V, all cells balanced
    - first discharge cycle (after charging fully to 4.2V/cell from the delivered state) resulted in 1956 mAh down to 3V/cell with a discharge current of 0.3 A- don't know how it behaves with high current discharge
    good battery for this excellent price despite -10% capacity.was skeptical about ordering LiPo at DX but would buy again.
  • Very nice and snug battery.

    posted by arkadd

    Very nice and snug battery. small fit and working good.I used it for electronics projects to power them.It need to be charged once you get it, you can't use it out of the box .good for electronics projects seems to be the correct mAh.didn't test if with high C rate so can't tell
    It can be cheaper.... The connector is strange... I have replaced it with the one I needed
    good for electronics projects seems to be the correct mAh.didn't test if with high C rate so can't tell
  • Very good battery for good price

    posted by jalare

    This battery is recommended for use in model airplanes R / C Helicopters R / C and any average power consumption device. Pros:
    - Size adjustment.
    - Weight low.
    - Perfect finish.
    - Cables and connectors are standard and good quality. T-dean to replace JST.
    - Average capacity.
    I think a good product for its price. The blister comes printed recommendations for the use and maintenance only in english.
    Used with a sailplane and give about 7 minutes of powered flight.
    It is also advisable to buy a charger for LiPo sku.35190, and to control the load tester sku.10787
  • very good material, unmelting when soldering

    posted by Destelant

    - doesn't melt when soldering- made from nylon with gold plated connectors so soldering to them is done with ease and they make for a great conductor
    XT60 is designed for 60A continuous drawing but it's no problem for XT60 draw a bit more amps for a short time. Connectors are tight and never fall apart , either after airplan model crash. Its very good conector , but if you need draw higher current as it's designed for, use the XT90 connectors. They are the bigger version of the XT60's, rated for a higher amp(90 amps) load.

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