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rc channel Customers Reviews

  • Good cost benefit for beginners

    posted by Casiraghi

    Good helicopter to begin his career. Complete with 4ch where you can understand how a rotor. I think about buying another for me.Very good packaging and arrived with no problem.Já tenho um de 2,5ch e outro de 3ch e este é muito melhor, meu próximo será de 6ch mas da mesma marca.
    I recommend for both children and adults.
    Very good heli for childrens and initiantes. first in 4ch for childrens users.
  • Crazy little RC car with lot of fun

    posted by cossie023

    It has got 4 speeds. The basic is good for indoor playing. You can learn how to handle the car. The higher you switch, the more of fun you get. In the fastest speed the car can do several tricks, like spinning around its Z axe, cop turn and many more. My 4 years old little girl enjoyed it also. The quality of the car is ok, but the controller is a little bit poor.
    It is a big fun for this great price!
    My colleagues want to buy it too! we will make little races in the office! :-)
  • Great buy

    posted by chenyl

    Cheaper than getting from the store here. The tank uses real track and not 4 wheels underneath to run. So it can go through uneven terrain. And there are even a flash LED light in front light it was firing the canon. One great thing about this tank is if you press the right/left turn button, it will spin on the spot not like some R/C car, only will turn when it on the move.
    if it provide spare rubber track that will be good cause my girl took it out and play with it and it got loose and it doesn't fit the tank anymore.
    Great buy my girl love it and she is 2 1/2 seeing the tank run and spin on the same spot.
  • great rc-helicopter

    posted by LProokie

    This helicopter fly"s really well and good for about 7 minutes with one the lipo accu's that came with the helicopter. When u use an lipo accu of 150mAh (sold seperatly) it fly's up to 11 minutes. Fly's both indoors and outdoors. Very responsive controls, and well balanced.
    It's recomended to buy a couple more lipo accu's and a second charger (like i did) so you can fly for a longer time.
    A really great helicopter for a good price. With a transmitter that can be ajusted for both left hand throtlle or right hand throtlle whille it's also possible to switch between the alleron/rudder setting (left/right).
  • You will love this heli!!!

    posted by rsmith22

    Being a 4 channel, This is an excellent helicopter for the beginner who intends to move on to larger, more complex heli's. It will let you learn how to fly heli's and coordinate controls for a very low cost, including replacement parts...which, after probably more than 200 crashes (most minor and some at high speed into the wall or concrete floor) has only cost 2 tail motors (flew into the wall sideways). I have yet to use the parts that come with it. This thing just flexes and bounces back.
    Because of the cold solder joints, I needed to disassemble the transmitter and resolder the power wire, then open the charger and resolder the power plug. I also resoldered the antenna on the heli even though it didn't seem to be a problem. You will need a fine tip soldering iron, fine solder, and maybe a magnifying glass to fix them. You are looking for dull gray solder connections as opposed to the shiny ones that are good. Be careful not to use to much solder, remove parts (to much heat) or create solder bridges.If you need to replace the tail motor, the wires will fit back inside the boom.
    You can't go wrong with this heli!get some spare tail motors and the 5 extra batteries and you're set :-)I have nearly used up all of the lives of this heli, fortunately it can be replaced for about $20 (heli only, no remote). Look for SKU: 127661

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