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rc car remote control Customers Reviews

  • is it some dirt? is it a bug? no, it's a car!!

    posted by Yusunoha

    I just bought this thing for the lol, and it did that. it's fun to see it drive and everyone had to laugh when seeing this thing drive around
    I had been wanting a RC car for some months now, but here we only have this giant arse bulks that cost a load of money and batteries, so when I found this one I was quite pleased.
    it's a fun RC Car to have and it's fun to use, but if you want to make distance with this one you better put on some running shoes
  • Good Car

    posted by vovik777

    Easy to use: You can start to play with this car after inserting batteries and charging car.
    Good speed and control: Even small child can easy to drive (right and left, forward and reverse).
    Good reaction by remote control: You can precise to stop this car before any barrier.
    Also this car can jump over small barriers like power cable or edge of carpet.
    Good toy foll all ages!
    Good toy foll all ages!
  • Fun Fun Fun!

    posted by Retired1109

    Its cheap, and fun to have. The best cheap present evah! U can combine other cars with this one as long as u take other Mhz!
    The price makes this little cars very have able!There are other cars aswell, so if u are looking for more then one pay attention to the remote Mhz!
    I searched for a present that isnt usefull for my friends that had there birthday a few days ago. Bought 3 of these little racers. Totally fun, tottaly unusefull!Recommend for low price little gifts :)
  • A fun little car ...

    posted by billg519

    This was easy to get going right out of the box, it came charged. It has front and rear suspension springs as well as working headlights. The headlights are only on in forward mode. It runs on hard or carpeted floors. Probably too small for use on a grassy lawn, can't try it as snow outside right now.
    If you can solder, do a battery mod, you will be glad that you did. Even a 3V CR2 rechargeable gives a big boost in performance. This car can carry a keychain video camera around on it. I put a cam on mine with a removeable mount.
    This is a fun little car although no proportional control. With the battery mod it is fast and responsive. It seems tough enough to withstand many crashes into walls and table legs.
  • Verry nice toy

    posted by SiLv3sTeR

    Incredible acceleration. The construction and material used for it's design makes it very durable and sustainable. When hitting a wall the tires are hit first, so the rest remains intact.
    I still can't figure out how many hits in walls and stuff it can handle ;) The interesting thing is I'm 27 years old ;) and having so much fun with such a toy =)
    Awesome toy ;) Recommended it already to 2-3 grownup people and for a present for 1-2 kids =) Already bought 3 =)

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