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rapoo mouse laser Customers Reviews

  • nice mouse, very good value

    posted by EK2906

    good ergonomics, easy to use, accurate tracking, real laser so working on any surface. The option of 800dpi is nice, although we are not using it as the default. Very nice gimmick with the position of the batteries in the back of the mouse... wireless option works fine - the usb is under the table, and connection is smooth
    I bought one as a trial, but will now purchase more - one for each computer in my home.
    good buy for the money. recommended
  • Excellent laser mouse

    posted by Hoelahoep

    Small, good looking and decent buttons.Matches the colour of my full-white table and works perfectly as this thing works fawlessly with the white table surface (as the blue-led MS mouse isn't)
    The mouse isn't heavy and can be picked up and moved easily while moving (I realized that that seems to be my working habbit). The scroll wheel is OK and feels solid, like the push buttons. The force required for clicking could be a little less however for me it's OK. Would have been nicer if the bottom part was made from the same material as the upper part that is more shiny. The bottom part looks (and feels) a bit cheap but does not affect the usefullness at all in my opinion.
    Fine designer mouse for everywhere use and still very affordable.
  • Very Good Mouse

    posted by Korbeen

    Good Grip;Looks Sturdy;Nice Size And Weight;Back And Forward Buttons;One Extra Button in the corner of the left button;Have the tilt function on the scroll button (It goes up/down and left/right as well);Nice DPI;DPI selector button is very useful so you can use the higher dpi on some game and the lower on desktop (i just use the higher anyways lol)Slides very well;Came in a very nice package;Came with a CD that contain it's driver and a pouch, nice pouch but it doesn't last very long.
    A very good mouse for office work, and an ok mouse for gaming.
    +Good Grip/Size/Weight/Feel;+Slides well;+Good extra buttons/functions (back/forward browsing buttons, Extra Window Function and Scroll Tilt);+Good DPI;+Good nice looking package;-Need a driver for some functions (included, basic use doesn't need the driver anyway)-Pouch don`t last long;-Glossy Finish.
  • Very good

    posted by JuniorLuiz

    Lightweight, plug and play, very comfortable, the material is of good quality mouse, the CD that came with you can customize the buttons. Excellent mouse, which can equate to big brands like Microsoft, Logitech and others.
    I live here in Brazil and a wireless mouse quality is expensive. I would buy one from Microsoft that the price would be more than twice that. I do not regret the purchase, mouse very good and excellent quality, turned Rapoo fan of the brand.
  • Wonderful

    posted by SiccStevie

    - the mouse looks very stylish and looks VERY expensive, for what you are buying this at is worth every penny.- the dpi which controls the speed of the mouse, is really refined. The different amount of speeds is amazing, and the highest speed is really fast. It's just as good, maybe a little, but not by much better then a gaming mouse. You can use it for FPS EASY.- the lever that shows something that looks like for volume, actually zooms in on the screen. That's a pretty good feature if you do youtube vid guides from your pc.- every mouse should have a back and forward button for folder and browser windows. It does exactly what you would expect them to do. - All in All MARVELOUS MOUSE.
    The mouse is awesome.
    I recommend that you purchase this for the best quality mouse out there. Its not a gaming mouse, but this does the job.

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