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random color Customers Reviews

  • Cool

    posted by JetfighterNL

    - Pretty good shock.
    - Good laser
    - Fun,fun,fun,fun
    - Cool design i like it very much
    It does not matter a lot. But i received a red laser/shock item and the picture is blue. However i like red more so i dont care about it.
    The laser is good and the shock gives you a lot of fun. My friend gave a shock with this thing to his teacher. It is so much fun. However the shock power does not last very long.
  • Great product

    posted by nadimm

    Great value, great product. Similar products are about 30 us dollars here. I've used it for multiple river crossings no problems. Trick is to get as much air in it as possible. It will survive short durations submerged, but I don't think you should use it for prolonged periods. The material is pretty durable and survived slamming on rocks without puncturing. 10 litres is plenty. You can fit all your electronic devices, cell phones, cameras, etc. But nothing bigger. B
    Great product great value
  • Quite good!

    posted by KrizpeX

    It counts your steps! Fairly accurately! So, as far as I am concerned, just for this it deserves credit. =) For the rest of it, well, it is small, nice both to touch and eye, compact and with an overall good build quality. And at a great price!
    You can switch between metric and imperial units, although this setting could still use some improvement.It would be nice it they gave us the chance to pick the color. Mine came white.
    It is a very nifty product indeed. Not perfect, but for this price, who cares? In the end of the day, it does its main function almost (if not) perfectly.
  • Measure tape rules!

    posted by jakkev

    Basic measure tape, which works nice and is good for example taking measures from clothes. Nice soft tape and smart rewind mechanism which works by pressing the button in the middle of the product.
    Could be also a fine associate for someone who would like to have a small and working measurement tape for weight-watching.
    Need a measure tape? Here is one good option for you and with fine price as well.
  • Bit pricey compared to other shock toys

    posted by ti3n_t

    Funny when people get shocked
    looks like a stapler
    easy to use
    Bit pricey, shock pen is more worth the price
    If you leave it on the table and press on the top, it won't work, your palm has to touch the base as well as the top, which was kinda sucky. And it releases a really loud buzzing noise hehe.
    Get it if everyone you know has been duped by the pen, otherwise the pen is the better choice.

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