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rally car Customers Reviews

  • great toy for a child or adult too

    posted by mailoo

    Ratio of charging time to the actual running time is astonishing. Runs on carpet. Easy to control. Very solid packaging sustainable to any mailing conditions and looks very good as a small present.
    Bought this car for my 5 years old daughter. She just loves it, because it is very easy to control and it runs on almost any surface including other toys. I was very surprised that it takes around 5 minutes to charge a car from the AA batteries while the running time is at least 10 minutes.
    The price/quality ratio makes it a great bargain.
  • Good toy!

    posted by whbarb

    It is a great toy! It really works fine, quality of building is fine. There are no any defects. My child have played the car for a month without any problems. There is a cool plastic box with a transparent cover, so you can keep the car easy.
    So I guees it is a good toy and if you find the price reasonable you probably have to buy it.
  • Small and cute

    posted by Luther0087

    It's great for a present. needs only four AA batteries and is small and cute.
    The quality is not bad, has some scraches on the back but it works perfectly.
    I bougth it as a present for my cousin and I think he is going to enjoy it. He is 4 years old.
    Great game to have fun with your family, good as a present.
    built quiality could be better. Hard to work it on the first couple of times.
  • Great value for money

    posted by taneli

    I got this car about week ago and I really love it. It has very short charging time and quite long driving time. It runs well over hairy carpet and other obstacles.
    This has really good value for money. I've been chasing my cats around the aparment with it. It would be really great to have another one with different frequency.
  • Great fun at excellent price

    posted by brakar

    Fast charging directly from the r/c controller.
    Very small. Very cheap. Looks great.
    Great fun to use.
    Five minute drive on one charge is perfect. It's enough to have fun and not enough to get bored, and it's easier to restrict playtime for children.
    This car is very small, so it can't be used outdoors or on fluffy carpets. It's perfect on indoor floors.
    I let my 3 year old son play with it on the kitchen floor and he loves it. (And when he's sleeping, it's my turn...)
    The car is actually faster than I expected.
    Build quality is great, but not perfect. My car won't go straight ahead, but turns slightly to the right. In small spaces like my kitchen, that's not really a problem.
    I'm incredibly impressed by the quality of this car, at this price. Both me and my son love it. And we love the bright headlights that lits when you drive forward and the red rear lights that lits when you reverse. I will probably buy more cars from the LEVAN series.

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