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  • Very userful

    posted by MykolaMonster

    Bought this device for my old car, myself installation took four hours and three bottle of beer. The hardest part was finding a suitable place to screen :). For half of year of use there were no problems with this parking system.
    very good accuracy of distance measurement, i check it and its about 5 cm. The screen is better to set in a dark place, because it can shine in the sun.
    good purchase if you do not feel sorry to drill bumper
  • Just Perfect

    posted by srspinho

    Good Build quality, works Great and is really, really useful when you live in a building with tide parking Lot.
    Try to put it over your rear view mirror, so you will never have to put your yes off the mirror to look at the sensor´s display. Just a instalation tip !You can Paint it to give you a better finishing result.
    If you want a good parking sonar, BUY IT !It works great on my Opel Meriva.
  • A very useful accessory for parking your car.

    posted by nicolasantoci

    It's simple to install, the hardest part is to remove the bumper to accommodate the cords. Then placed and passed the wires through the side of the upholstery. Very useful for parking and blindly.The price is very good and thoroughly recommended.
    I think it could came in multiple color for pleope who can´t paint it but I don´t think it´s a problem because there are millons of colors in cars and one have buy the correct!
    Nothing to say It´s a cheap and very useful accessory for parking your car, you will not be disappointed.
  • Cheap kit car!

    posted by eduardoca

    Affordable (in my country can cost approximately $ 150.00 without the labor of installation!), Came with all the pieces, silver color silver color identical to the vehicle, attached to the drill holes.
    Good price, interesting! useful for those not in such a car.
    In my car did not come one of these! Ever wanted to install one, but here it is very expensive!
  • Good for money

    posted by Siloraks

    Great gadged for every older car. If you like to park your car safelly - this one is really for you. Build quality is really good. Everything works really fine. Easy to use. All things that you need are included in this kit. Additionally you will need an electric drill, 2-3 free hours and a bit accuracy driling holes. Patience also required :)Nice blue lit screen, good contrast, loud/medium/silnece modes for beeper.On the screen you can see blinking sensor (1 of 3 zones) and nearby in metric system - how long till obstacle. The sensor which is closest to obstacle is blinking. 30 cm is minimum and then beeper beeps continiously saying you to stop. Accuracy is really great +/- 2 cm in my case.
    Great product, great price - in my country it costs ~2,5X more.
    If it would be possible to get version without chineese hieroglyphs on the screen - i would order some more.
    Anyway - great product for good price.
    Deffinately must buy for girlfriends ;)

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