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radar parking sensor

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radar parking sensor Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and useful

    posted by Ussury

    - Cheap- Easy to install. 1 hour + 1 beer and.. voilà, enjoy it.- It works quite good- No adjustment / configuration needed
    Nothing to say It´s a cheap and very useful accessory for parking your car, you will not be disappointed.
    Overall is a good product - cheap and efficient. Highly reccommend to anyone that wants this type of back-up distance warning device.
  • Works fine

    posted by athvdk

    It works just fine.
    Worth the money
    Nice if you have no sight (icey back window f.e.).

    posted by kadafi83

    easy to install and even easier to use. great display showing you where the obstacle is (right or left) and an approx distance to it (metric - so in meters). and really, it's not rocket science to install it.
    i see people saying that the instruction guide is not clear enough. well it could be better. but really, it shows you on what height and at what distance to install the sensors (seems enough). the only thing i had to figure out is what sensor goes where. but it's just installing the way you would read. if you stand at the back of your car and look at the rear of it, sensor "A" goes left, than "B' and "C" and you end up with "D" on the right. simple is that. from the power plug, black wire (ground) goes on something metal within the car so it can travel back to your battery, the red one. well depends how you want to install it. you can put an extra switch or something between it. i wired it straight onto my back up light. so you put in reverse, the white lights in the back are switched on, the whole system is powered up, voila.
    it's a very good system. no regrets. and for this money??? come on. it took me like 30 minutes to actually put it in the car. well extra 2 hours to prepare the car and to find a right spot, hide wiring etc, but marking, making wholes, pooling wires and hooking the thing up was quick. so i could test the thing within minutes although the display was still in the trunk (hehehe). seriously, if you want sensors and got a grey/silver car. get these!!!(i'll upload some pictures later)
  • Very good Black Parking Sensor/Radar Kit

    posted by AlexLych

    Low price.
    Very useful to use this product!
    High quality sensors.
    The quality of installation at an acceptable level.
    The housing when installed in the car does not squeak.
    The kit contains everything for installation. I installed Parking Sensor on my car myself. There's even a cutter for drilling holes for the sensors!
    I purchased this product, when my wife was driving the car. I think I've avoided a lot of trouble :)
    The overall positive impression of the parking sensors. Good quality for this price.
  • Good for money

    posted by Siloraks

    Great gadged for every older car. If you like to park your car safelly - this one is really for you. Build quality is really good. Everything works really fine. Easy to use. All things that you need are included in this kit. Additionally you will need an electric drill, 2-3 free hours and a bit accuracy driling holes. Patience also required :)Nice blue lit screen, good contrast, loud/medium/silnece modes for beeper.On the screen you can see blinking sensor (1 of 3 zones) and nearby in metric system - how long till obstacle. The sensor which is closest to obstacle is blinking. 30 cm is minimum and then beeper beeps continiously saying you to stop. Accuracy is really great +/- 2 cm in my case.
    Great product, great price - in my country it costs ~2,5X more.
    If it would be possible to get version without chineese hieroglyphs on the screen - i would order some more.
    Anyway - great product for good price.
    Deffinately must buy for girlfriends ;)


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