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r2 ultrafire

You will be surprised our best r2 ultrafire with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your support is our greatest motivation.

r2 ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • Very pleased.

    posted by phillby

    Fit, finish, and workmanship rate very high. Quality parts throughout. You can even feel the quality of the switch. My units are used every day. I am satisfied they will out last previous units. Very nice.
    Nice people to deal with. Had an issue with Customs and it was corrected promptly.
    Will be ordering more units shortly. Delivery times are a bit long, but well worth the wait. Coupled with protected cells, I am a very comfortable customer.
  • Good Flashlingt for your gun.

    posted by gabipapa

    Easy to mount on your gun.It comes with a mount already so you do not need to buy one separatly.Has a presure switch, withc is nice to have on your gun.Light, so it will not drag your hands down when you try to aim.Decent spread of light.
    Usefull for thouse moments when you need to light a sport very quick.Gives your gun a more tactical look.
  • UltraFire On The Cheap Is Great!

    posted by zippyzappy

    I am very pleased with the color output. I was expecting greenish or something awful for the price. Greatly surprised! It has intense lumen ability. It plain smokes my $54 P3D-Q5 and all my older generation hand held LED lights except for my Magic Shine bike lights because of power source. Floody with a good hot spot. Small enough to fit in my pocket. Screw down bezel 'look' is cool. Solid with good machine threads and o-rings. Won't roll-off-the-table design.
    Here is my set up and amps per mode-Battery: 20392 TrustFire Black RedCharger: 00936 DSD (A Good One!)Test Amps Fully Charged AND Probable Max Run Time (Recommend Only Running Your Batteries Down to 70%)High- 1.49A 1.6 hrsMed- .62A 3.8 hrsLow-.052 46 hrsStrobe-.73ASOS- 1.46A
    Really bright light. This new CREE is intense. I own a bunch of LED lights and this is a decent light out of the box. Especially when the heat transfer issues are resolved. It can be used without any of these fixes though. If you don't, only run for 2-3 minutes at a time for fear of smoking the XM-LT6 LED. If you are planning on using this as a bike light, it is not the best choice. It has the wrong beam pattern, IMO. Being left on unattended may cause a really short life too.Putting it in your pocket for night walks, great choice. Work use, pretty good choice. When hunting monsters, great choice. Grunion running, great choice. Blinding the crap out of someone, perfect choice.

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