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  • Portable

    posted by Mortaric

    I've tested this out on the blackberry Playbook, iPhone 3GS and iPad 2.0. It works on all three. The speciality keys only work on the Apple products. The individual keys are silicone and a bit mushy, but they all work well. It takes a little getting used to the layout of the keys, but i find it faster than typing on the virtual keyboard on my electronic devices.I don't use it a whole lot, but it has held a charge for a month now. it is quick to respond when i'm typing. i like that the virtual keyboard stays hidden when the bluetooth keyboard is in use. Being able to use the arrow keys to move around through a message is nice too.The construction seems quite good, i think it will last a long time.
    When it is folded it is only slightly longer than my iphone and about 50% wider and 50% lighter.It's not as nice to type on as the non-folding keyboards with hard plastic keys, but it is WAY more portable and travel friendly.
    I recommend it, and I'm typing with it right now.
  • Very good keyboard

    posted by acero12

    Very nice, a good keyboard, work whit a distance of 5 to 10m.good materials, is the same of the pics.conect whit windows7, ubuntu 11.04 to.Work authomatly.the battery (2xAAA) work around of 2 or 5 days.
    Its very slim, very portable
    Nada mas, desde Chile, Es un buen teclado, solo que en ingles, pero se adapta facilmente, por ejemplo, imita las teclas de mi notebook de inmediato en windows 7.
  • Best Controller Gadget ever

    posted by mechenique

    Long life battery included, AAA option available, USB charging, all keys and extra options available, nice texture, awesome size, usb receiver is tiny, nice RF range, very nice packaging
    It can be used with Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, It can be used on Android devices also. The shipping (Argentina) was flawless. I'm so happy with this purchase
    So nice option taking into account price and quality
  • Its a very good product

    posted by bubupay

    Now its connected into my HTPC and is like a remote control for this!!! Works really well!!!really easy to use and intuitive (if my girlfriend could, you must!!!hahaha) Its very accurate and even play Angry Birds on tv!!!!
    Other issue could be the width and thick. This product could be perfect if put more together the keys and be smaller and thicker.
    In summary Im very satisfied with this product!!!!! :-) I really recommend it!!!!!
  • Keyboard & Mouse for a smart Samsung TV

    posted by ChrisCronin

    Small and tidy unit, space to store the dongle when not in use. Charging cable included. No problems in setting it up just plugged in the dongle and it was identified up and running in less than a minute.Nice build quality. Also in this set up I'm using a Phillips TV sender(2.4gHz) no interference !!!!Lo
    Looked at a Microsoft K/b but at 80+ euro too expensive, did not even consider a bluetooth unit, net reviews indicate problems getting the units to pair up.
    Good value and easy to set up and use. Will check out how often I have to charge over a week or two.

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