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  • Portable

    posted by Mortaric

    I've tested this out on the blackberry Playbook, iPhone 3GS and iPad 2.0. It works on all three. The speciality keys only work on the Apple products. The individual keys are silicone and a bit mushy, but they all work well. It takes a little getting used to the layout of the keys, but i find it faster than typing on the virtual keyboard on my electronic devices.I don't use it a whole lot, but it has held a charge for a month now. it is quick to respond when i'm typing. i like that the virtual keyboard stays hidden when the bluetooth keyboard is in use. Being able to use the arrow keys to move around through a message is nice too.The construction seems quite good, i think it will last a long time.
    When it is folded it is only slightly longer than my iphone and about 50% wider and 50% lighter.It's not as nice to type on as the non-folding keyboards with hard plastic keys, but it is WAY more portable and travel friendly.
    I recommend it, and I'm typing with it right now.
  • Good air mouse for the price

    posted by eruption99

    This air mouse have a good construction. The buttons are in good rubber and seem robust. The control are good. The buttons do a small noise when you press it. Just enough to know when you press it or not.
    The design is good but maybe better. For the use I have, its fine. But if you want to use it everyday, maybe a smaller air mouse is better.
    For a casual use and you want to combine both mouse and keyboard, its a good purchase.
  • Simple and convenient keyboard for iPhone 4

    posted by xnavarrol

    You get a decent keyboard in a nice case for your iPhone4
    Keyboard works fine, is solid and allows "thick fingered people" like me to type on my phone.
    It works with iPhone4 and Samsung Galaxy S (although the case is not compatible)
    To pair your keyboard and phone
    - Turn on the keyboard
    - Turn on the bluetooth function in your phone
    - Click on the keyboard upper button. The blue light will blink.
    - Select "Scan bluetooth" in your phone
    - Phone will give you a code
    - Type the code in the keyboard and press enter
    Simple, good for the value and solid keyboard/case for your iPhone4.
  • As the title says: compact and portable, which is good!

    posted by Deesazter

    The keyboard is compact and portable, the most important aspects of this product. It looks like a real Apple Keyboard and the material feels good. You can do almost everything with the iPad, except for the touchescreen. You can even lock the screen with your keyboard!
    I guess I should search for a keyboard case, as zi don't want to damage it. An information guide will be delivered with the keyboard. It shows you how to connect the keyboard with the iPad, which is really easy. Also: the strength of the Bluetooth is very good.
    Compact, portable, easy to use. Good product and it looks very nice!
  • Better than expected

    posted by lancexxiii

    It is smaller and thinner than appears but surprisingly easy to use after ou get tha hang of it. the light is better than the pictures, fully useable in tha dark. Lightweight, fits in your pocket disturbing you. Worked with my windows 7 netbook.
    could come in a variety of colours, white isn't exactly perfect, but that's just me...
    It is not the best keyboard out there but it gets the job done in ease. Above the expectations based on the price


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