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Every single quit smoking rechargeable displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from quit smoking apple, mint quit smoking. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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quit smoking rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • Standard mini cig

    posted by justbeachin

    This is your standard mini ciggerette, like most all of the ones sold here on DX.The main Pro to this are anything that helps you to cut down and save money is a positive.This is one of the cheapest one, and the carts that come with are alright
    If you are considering getting one of these, please do yourself a favor and get three. You will receive the discount and be able to use one, charge one and have a spare already charged. And get yourself several packs of spare cartridges and perhaps some juices in case you want to try refilling.do your research, there is plenty info online and give it a shot, afterall what have you got to lose!
    Worth a try.
  • Nice, convenient E-cig

    posted by Iangb

    Tank system means no messing with cartridges and filler. Most users will only need one refill per day.It's a smart looking unit and very well built. The clear tanks make it simple to keep an eye on the juice level. You can buy different flavoured juices here.........or at other e-cig dealers.These e-cigs produce plenty of vapour without the need to preheat the atomiser before you puff, but........(see cons).The unit comes with well illustrated instructions.I'm a fairly heavy user, and the 650mAh batteries last me ~18hrs continuous use.
    Overall this is very good value for a quality E-cigarette. Anyone who's looking for a painless, and relatively cheap method of quitting smoking should consider giving one of these a try.
  • Bought 2, 1 Works 1 Defective

    posted by rekey33

    Overall, the product is good, easy to use, charging time also run well
    But if i may say...the products is good. I got one works. But not for the other which supposed to be a gift to my friend
  • Fake cigarette

    posted by Robska

    Smoke is realistic and led is cool too. Easy to use and cool fake cigarette. Fast delivery time ( 8 days ) smoke smells little bit like cappuccino coffee :D.
    There is no refills or case
    If you want fake cigarette go whit cigarette what have refills and case whit it
  • Decent cheap and long lasting cigarette.

    posted by Tragin

    Cheap electronic cigarette. Heavy with huge battery (its about 10-12mm longer than a normal one). Lasts 2-3 refills. Very good for the price.
    I got the wrong charger for it. The charger should have a female plug where you screw the cigarette into.
    Decent cigarette. Feels nice and long and it has some weight so its good on your fingers :)

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