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quit smoking rechargeable electronic

On this page, you can find a wide selection of quit smoking rechargeable electronic. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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quit smoking rechargeable electronic Customers Reviews

  • What a Life changer!

    posted by justbeachin

    Robust design, still going strong 6 weeks on of major vaping, like a baby with a pacifier!easy to use, have dropped the atty more than once with no problems.looks like a ciggerette, causing looks of all kinduseful case that is nicely built (I pulled out he pre-fit area, so now I can store more batteries and carts)
    I bought this e-cig out of curiosty, hoping to cut down my cig intake to save money. I was surprised that I dropped to 6 cigs, day one, after nearly 40yrs of 1 pack or more a day! It took less than a month before I could not stand the the taste of a regular cig, and do not smoke any more, I never planned to quite, but now I vape with pleasure!You shall need 3 e-cigs in reality, 1 you are using, one fully charged, and one charging, so you don't find yourself in a situation without. get yourself a USB car and a USB wall charger, cheap here on DX. Then you will never be caught without!
    When she dies, This little mini e-cig, I shall immortalise in a frame, to pay hommage to the little e-cig that showed me the way! Although this one is great, Sku 49210 draws better!
  • Good

    posted by rsfanet

    This was good quality, better than the other one I bought. It came also in a nice box, but with apple and camel flavor. Those were really good as well! It's a great product!Also cheap for an EGO-T.
    This product was good, and I liked it a lot. Came with a charger, about 4 filters with 2 flavors (apple and camel. the apple flavor was amazing!) and everything else it said in it.
    Buy this product! You won't regret it!
  • Nice Gadget

    posted by abbess

    E-cigarette came packaged nicely and neat. I am really surprised how good it looks and that it is working properly.
    Still it is stylish and nice made product. It looks elegant and does not take to much space with the packaging. With this item I also bought some cherry flavor oil, which is working really good mixed with the one in the original packaging.
    Overall it is great product for a great value. Do not expect magic, but you'll get what you want from it.
  • electric cigarette

    posted by Tinkica

    Small and easy to carry. Takes almost two days. Fast charging, about 3 hours. Easy to use. Nice looking.
    For little money you get a quality product. There are not many parts of what is good and is easy to clean and maintain. The important thing is that it is small and does not take up much space in your pocket or purse and is always easily accessible.
    Produces a good amount of smoke. It is easy to supplement with liquid. More beautiful to me than other more expensive electric cigarette.
  • Good Product. Like it! Nice Price!

    posted by maxbekink

    I Like this! Youv'e got three parts in this device. The battery, which is the largest front piece with the led LED burning by inhalating. Second: The atomizer, which is the piece between the filter/cartridge and the battery. It's getting heat when you smoke and warms up the liquid in the cartridge. Third: the cartridge with a flavor including nicotine or no nicotine. Replacing the cartridges is easy. I smoke all day and with one cardridge I smoke around one to three hours almost all the time. So one cartridge is equal to at least 6 cigarettes. I like the smoke and the flavours. It looks fantastic and real! And the materials are of awesome quality!
    I recommend it to buy two of this products so you can smoke the one and charge the other one. When your cigaret is empty, you change the two cigarettes with each other.

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