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quit smoking rechargeable cigarettes

You can buy cheap quit smoking rechargeable cigarettes from us. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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quit smoking rechargeable cigarettes Customers Reviews

  • No diamond tip

    posted by LybaMalina

    It is convenient
    set cigarette case
    Quickly charge
    it really ladies cigarettes, compact, normal taste, I bought a separate cartridges of different nicotine (high, medium, low, zero nicotine)
    On the package is not specified how much content, it is necessary to open everything and try to
    it is difficult.
    little smoke
    very smells like plastic.
    I think price is a bit overstated, I will demand a diamond tip
    try can do for someone is a good option
    for girls it is a beautiful cigarette, easy to store in a bag, not only takes place
  • cheap and not terrible ...

    posted by clark17

    - A practical case- A light box- A solid metal casing- Small size of the e-cigarette
    product quality is quite correct.It is unfortunate that the capacity of the cartridge and the battery maximum on the use of cigarettes. If the manufacturer provided a more powerful battery and cartridges with a greater capacity the product could be used half a day. For a regular smoker the product is suitable for 4 or 5 cigarettes.
    A useful product for those who smoke occasional little way.
  • cheap and works like a charm.

    posted by madyicstik

    this is not authentic which makes it cheap so its a pro for me.its functions identical to authentic one.cheap.
    im a chain/heavy vaper and two of this only last me a day. i broke both of them same time in a month which is acceptable in my book given the amount of time this spends in my hand
    time to quit?? butt out and plug in. other people uses patches and gum, this work for e and im a pa,ck a day smoker. check out DX's juice as well.
  • professional (know what and how)

    posted by Poliakrilamid

    By itself, the electronic cigarette is a very good tool for quitting smoking. All in one bundle - itself a cigarette, 10 nicotinic filters and charge USB. Everything works fine, charging USB charging, red light is lit, the mouth is a nice nicotine flavor.
    Could have been done to the box was opened as a cigarette pack, it would be much more convenient
    Good price and quality products, but need to buy a cigarette case. For this price a good product.
  • Great, cheap and less deadly than real cigarettes

    posted by Juiffi

    Comes with three cartridges that have tobacco flavour and 11mg/ml nicotine content. One cartridge lasts more than one day, for me at least. I have not changed mine yet and I've had it for 2 days. It depends on your smoking habits.The price is neat. Costs less than a pack of cigarettes.The automatic on/off switch works really well. Vapour is thick enough to meet my needs. I was a casual smoker and smoked around 1/2 pack a day.
    To me the battery is not a problem, I get the chance to charge it every now and then. And USB ports are everywhere nowadays.
    Great e-cig for great price. It introduces you to the world of e-cigs and helps you quit smoking.

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