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quit smoking electronic cigarette

It's very convenient for you to find the quit smoking electronic cigarette you want at our online shop. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Customers can also browse quit smoking electronic cigarette flavor or quit smoking rechargeable electronic cigarette to find their desired products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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quit smoking electronic cigarette Customers Reviews

  • Usfull way to stop smoking

    posted by sherlok

    A good way to "smoke healthy" ,
    The cigarrete is easy to use and to fill up with oil with different tastes, built quality is very good for the price.
    All my suroundings Likes the product so I recommanded friends that smoke A-LOT to think for one second and to realize that the cheapest and healthiest way to stop smoking its with the E-cigarette
    Buy IT
  • The perfect e-cigarrtte

    posted by xenomm

    It is not my first e-cigarrette. It is the fifth.And this is the perfect one. The battery runs more than one day and every cartrige at least two days.The smoke level and taste is PERFECT and the quality of product is one of the best I have seen.It is not the cheaper e-cigarrete in DX, of course, but I can say it is one of the best for sure.Other models have a lot of problem...low quality, low level smoke, batteries of short duration, difficult refill, you need carry two batteries and three cartriges in the pocket. But with this new EGO-T these problems are outIf you want a ecigarrette seriously, buy this one.
  • Great

    posted by Nek0furby

    The build it material feel solid and good, it doesn't weight to much. Very nice way to charge up battery.You don't need to smoke a lot to get a good quantity of vapor smoke.The led on the tip make it look real deal.
    I don't use it for quit smoking, because I dont smoke, so can't say if it work. But I gift one to my girlfriend and she say that the "oral need" its relived with the e-cigarrete.
    Great for cosplays
  • Decent cheap and long lasting cigarette.

    posted by Tragin

    Cheap electronic cigarette. Heavy with huge battery (its about 10-12mm longer than a normal one). Lasts 2-3 refills. Very good for the price.
    I got the wrong charger for it. The charger should have a female plug where you screw the cigarette into.
    Decent cigarette. Feels nice and long and it has some weight so its good on your fingers :)
  • good cigarette. low price

    posted by DiHalt-ECP

    Good cigarette with automatic engagement when tightening. Great Price. By the size of this electronic cigarette is quite small - compared to conventional cigarettes.
    One must be able to use electronic cigarettes. Need to check that the cartridge did not end fluid. Can not be long delayed. Between puffs desirable to pause.
    Sample approach. Just need to take cigarettes with nicotine.

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